Nakto Ebike Reviews – A Nakto Electric Bike is a Great Low-Cost Option

In these Nakto Ebike reviews we will try to figure out why Nakto Ebikes have become so popular.

Is great performance and an exceptional quality really compatible with such a low price? The answer to that lies somewhere in the middle.

To sell them so cheap you have to cut down on something, right? Keep reading and find out what your money gets you. But believe me when I say that good quality doesn’t have to be expensive.

Nakto Electric Bike – An American Company

As is made obvious by the headline, Nakto is an American company. They are based out of Chino, California where they supply North America with quality budget ebikes.

When the good folks in Nakto sat down and started their company, I can imagine they asked themselves; “Why aren’t there any good affordable ebikes and how can we make it happen?”

When I was doing my homework before writing these Nakto ebike reviews I came up with three reasons that Nakto figured out to make their ebikes so affordable.

Firstly, they spent most of the money prioritizing the essential parts. Secondly, they sell directly to the consumers, cutting out the middle men. Thirdly, they looked long and hard to find quality manufacturers for a reasonable price.

Prioritizing the Essential Parts

The way I look at it is that you have to ask yourself; what are the most important features on an electric bike? And that is what I think they did.

When I built my ebike I thought a lot about this, and the features I found most important are;

  • Motor, Controller, Battery – All the electrical parts are definitely the most important features of your ebike. Without a good motor and a long range you could just get yourself an ordinary bike. So, that’s where Naktos biggest expenses are.
  • Brakes – When you have a motor driving you forward, you simultaneously increase your average speed. Good braking-power is essential to your safety. Don’t forget to wear a proper helmet built for these speeds, you will get used to riding a lot faster than you did before.

Apart from these features the overall quality is important. The other parts of a bike however does not need to be expensive high-end equipment. Since you mainly ride with the motor assisting you, the number of gears and the shifter is less important than on a regular bike.

Selling Directly to Consumers

Besides test-riding a few of their ebikes, I read a lot of reviews on Amazon for my own Nakto Ebike reviews. When looking around further, I quickly realised that they mainly sell their bikes from Amazon at a really low price.

This was a smart move on their side, eliminating the middle-men that push up the price to make profits. I find it really strange that more companies don’t do this, if they did they could press the prices and deliver a better product for the same cost.

Look here to find some of the best deals Nakto has to offer on Amazon.

Affordable Manufacturers

Around the world there are thousands of manufacturers offering variety of quality and prices. To get the best price you usually have to look in Asia. Asian manufacturers may have a bad reputation in terms of quality but it is gained rather unfairly.

If you think about it, nearly every electric piece of equipment you have at home is produced in Asia. Some of the best brands are Asian. Sony, Panasonic, LG and Samsung are made there so why wouldn’t they make great quality motors, batteries and bike parts as well.

Their bad reputation comes from a few rouge factories that needs to be avoided. Nakto looked long and hard until they found the best manufacturer available that could meet their strict quality controls and offer them a great product.

Nakto Electric Bike Models

There are many Nakto electric bike models out there. Which one you want is entirely up to you.

If you are uncertain what features to look for in an ebike, you can check out this guide for the best affordable ebikes. In that article, also featuring two Nakto ebike reviews, you will learn how to choose an ebike that suits your needs.

Right here though, in this Nakto Ebike Review, we will look closer at five of their most popular ebike models.


Nakto electric bike Camel, a low-step frame for easy access.The Nakto Camel features two drive modes, throttle and pedal-assist. With 6 gears and a premium saddle you will arrive comfortably at your intended destination.

A low-step, high-strenght 26″ steel frame is both durable and easy to get up on. Once you get on it you won’t want to get off, both the saddle and the front fork is equipped with shock-absorbers to make your ride as smooth as possible.

This ebike is great, with both a high and low-step frame to choose from, you can get the perfect bike for you.

250 W Brushless motor | 36V 10Ah Li-ion battery | 20 mph Top speed | 20-25 Mile range

Nakto Ebike Reviews – Don’t miss out on any Amazon discounts coupons.


Nakto Classic, the most classy ebike in these Nakto ebike reviewsThe classic and elegant design gave this bike its name. The elegant low-step 26″ steel frame has a thick layer of car-paint to withstand scratches and last you a long time.

With both a front bike basket and a rear bike rack, it is perfect to run errands or go shopping with.

This Nakto electric bike is for everyone who wants a reliable ebike for transportation, whether that is commuting or running errands, it certainly does the job.

250 W Brushless motor | 36V 10Ah Li-ion battery | 20 mph Top speed | 18-25 Mile range

Nakto Ebike Reviews – Don’t miss out on any Amazon discounts coupons..


Naktos only foldable option in these Nakto ebike reviews.The Fashion model is a foldable Nakto electric bike made to be convenient. A foldable ebike is often smaller than a regular bike and this one comes in two different sizes.

You can choose from a 16″ and 20″ model depending on how limited your space is, or how often you bring it with you in the car.

Nakto bike fully foldedWith the thick layered car-paint on top a high-strenght steel frame this Nakto electric bike is great. On top of that they added disc-brakes to really make this bike stand out amongst the competition.

This small package that fits in a trunk unfolds to become a great ebike for shorter trips and commutes.

250 W Brushless motor | 36V 10Ah Li-ion battery | 16-20 mph Top speed | 16-20 Mile range

Nakto Ebike Reviews – Don’t miss out on any Amazon discounts coupons.


The Ecotric Fat-Tire is one of the best ebikes under $1000The Nakto Cruiser can be described with two words, versatile and FUN.

The versatility comes from the fat tires making it able to handle sand, mud and snow as easily as city roads. This means you can take your bike to work and directly after go down to the beach and hang out with your friends and family.

Another thing that can be considered both good and bad is that you won’t have any excuses for not taking your bike to work when winter approaches.

With the innovative design and sturdy frame, this Nakto electric bike is as pleasant to look at as it is riding it. Definitely one of the best ebikes in this price range.

250 W Brushless motor | 36V 10Ah Li-ion battery | 16-20 mph Top speed | 16-20 Mile range

Nakto Ebike Reviews – Don’t miss out on any Amazon discounts coupons.


Nakto electric mountain bike, the RangerThe Nakto Ranger is their more adventurous ebike model. It is by heart a mountain bike but works rather well for almost every purpose.

If you live on the outskirts of a city or where there are dirt roads, I would without doubt recommend this bike for both commuting as well as joy-riding.

Nakto built this model to be comparable to more expensive ebikes. Unlike many of their other ebikes, this one has a light-weight aluminum alloy frame and hydraulic disc-brakes.

The Ranger has superb brake-strenght and is an overall improvement in terms of performance compared to some of their cheaper models.

300 W Brushless motor | 36V 10Ah Li-ion battery | 20-25 mph Top speed | 25 Mile range

Nakto Ebike Reviews – Don’t miss out on any Amazon discounts coupons.

Conclusion – Nakto Ebike Reviews

Nakto has truly mastered the art of cutting out unnecessary expenses. By doing this they are able to offer you a really affordable ebike that performs better than many expensive competitors.

But as you can imagine, you can’t compare a Nakto electric bike with a $4000 dollar Haibike, the difference is just to big.

With that said, you still get a fantastic Nakto electric bike that performs well and fits in to your budget.

I hope you found these Nakto Ebike Reviews helpful and that they made the decision easier for you. If you liked my Nakto Ebike Reviews, please share them on Facebook or Twitter.

10 thoughts on “Nakto Ebike Reviews – A Nakto Electric Bike is a Great Low-Cost Option”

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  2. For example, specifically what more expensive e-bikes are you comparing it too when you said that it “performs better than many expensive competitors”? This information would be very helpful to me in deciding which bike to purchase. Thank you.

    1. Specifically for me, I am considering a $1500 RAD e-bike. Is the Nakta just as good of a product for much less money?

      1. Well, I havn’t tried the RADpowered ebikes myself so don’t know how the bike really performes. Purely judging from the stats it should be better than the nakto bike since it is more of a mid-tier electric bike. It has a stronger motor but otherwise I can’t really speak for the quality and feel of it. What do you intend to use the bike for? A commuter or just for fun?

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  5. Can you give an estimated of the longevity of the battery before it won’t take a charge anymore and has to be replaced? Also what is the cost of replacing the battery when needing replace?

    1. Hi, when you estimate the longevity of a battery, you usually speak about how many full charges it will take before it reaches about 50% of the power it is able to hold.

      Ebike batteries are made to take at least 1000 charges. That number can be increased to at least the double by taking care of your battery.

      There for a Nakto ebike with a battery of about 20 miles range will in its lifetime get you at least 20 000 miles before you need to change the battery.

      If you get to that point then there are replacements that are readily available for about 230 dollars.

      I hope you got all the answers you need 🙂 If there is anything else, feel free to ask. Regards Mark

  6. I’m seeing about 4 Nakto Cruiser models nearly identical with baskets (colors different,but specs about the same)For Heath reasons I need to be as upright as possible,all seem to have handlebars that curve towards the rider that I believe will help.I’m 6’1” 190lbs.some models appear to rise and/or curve more or be wider,that info would help me choose,also curious,would Nakto 20”folding model be all wrong for my size and upright needs.I’m 67 and need a step thru if I go 26”.Thanks,Jim

    1. Well, it is hard for me to comment on the nearly identical cruiser models you have found without seeing them. However I do belive that for an upright sittning position, the 20″ bike would be perfect. With electricity to drive you forward you also have a greater range in comfortable sittning position to choose from, so it would be easy to find your comfy upright position.

      Regards Mark

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