KingSong 16s Review – Best Value EUC For Sale in 2020?

Let’s find out how the KingSong 16s performs in this in-depth review.

Is it good enough to justify the price tag? How does it stand against the InMotion V8 and other popular electric unicycles? So many questions to be answered, let’s read on and find out.

A black Kingsong 16s review


The motor is rated for a nominal wattage of 1200w with the ability to peak at 3500w. That is more than enough power to get your electric unicycle up some steep hills and over rough terrain. As a comparison, many of the electric unicycles and hoverboards that kids use have a wattage of at most 250 watts. There aren’t even many electric bikes that have that much power at their disposal.

In simple words, the 1200w motor on the KingSong 16s is excellent. And it is hard to complain about a top speed of 22 mph, right?


Kingsong 16s for sale

For this review, I was on a budget and fortunately found the stronger version of the KingSong 16s for sale at a bargain price. You see, there are two versions with different battery capacity. One with a mere 420 wh and the one I got, the most popular one, with twice the battery size.

With a large 840 wh battery, you can cross rather long distances without having to stop and recharge. It has a range of up to 50 miles. While having said that, I want to point out that the range is measured with a light rider under perfect conditions. I, while riding at almost maximum speed got a range of 35 miles. For me though, that is a very good milage at full speed.


The KingSong 16s performs well when compared to other electric unicycles that I have reviewed. It stands next to the InMotion V8 as the top choice EUC for many people. Other than its bigger brother the KS 18l, InMotion V10f, and the Gotway Monster that are the absolute creme de la creme of electric unicycles, this one is the best in terms of performance.

It will be exciting to see it compared to the even more powerful KingSong 16x in a review when they finally release it for sale.

When reviewing EUCs as this KingSong 16s, what I mean by performance is primarily speed, acceleration, range, and how well they handle various surfaces. And form both my own personal experience as well as lots and lots of customer reviews, the KingSong 16s is strongly recommended due to its great performance.

Very good performance compared to the KS 16x and 18l models.

Build Quality

KingSong has in the last couple of years emerged and become one of the leading brands of EUCs with many models such as the 14d, 18xl, etc. And it has nothing to do with their latest amazing EUCs, the KingSong 18l and 16x that will get their own reviews in due time. KingSong has neither been praised for their design choices. It has never been the most beautiful electric unicycles you could find.

It has to do with the excellent build quality and useful features along with excellent specs. They know how to tickle your nerves and get the adrenalin flowing.

They even include a protective cover you can use to avoid scratches from falling over. With a bit of a learning curve, you are guaranteed to leave some marks and scratches on the cover.

If it is not included you can find InMotions protective cover here, on Amazon for a really fair price. (It can be fitted to other models as well)

KingSong 16s App Review

The KingSong app has not always been great but it has improved a lot lately. Sure there are still areas of improvement, however, the KingSong app-developers have taken to the earlier criticism of the app. With a design touch-up, the KingSong 16s app looks nice nowadays unlike when I did some earlier KingSong reviews. Today it has a lighter design and many more features to enhance your riding experience as well as your safety.

Some of those features are;

Kingsong app
  • Monitoring of current speed, range left, temperature and volume
  • Many different settings where you can tune and calibrate the ways your e-unicycle responds and acts to your liking.
  • Set your own speed limit and speaker alerts if you pass set speed limits. Or turn them of entierly.
  • Unlocking the maximum speed
  • Firmware Upgrades
  • Customize the LED lights


Programmable and Customizable LED Lights

With the atmospheric rings of LED-lights on each side of the unicycle, you have an infinite number of light-patterns to chose from. It is always fun to be able to customize your own design, however, the LEDs are there for a more important reason. While looking cool they also give you a much larger visual impact with opposing traffic. If you are riding after dark, the front light might not be enough, and the side LEDs become crucial for others to see you and to avoid an accident.

Bluetooth Speaker

The KingSong 16s is equipped with speakers that are Bluetooth connectable. You can stream any music you want when in the high fidelity stereo speakers while cruising down the street. I was actually really impressed with the depth and quality of the sound of the KingSong 16s in this review. A feature like this is where manufacturers usually save some money but KingSong didn’t cheap out on us here, the speakers really are of premium quality.

Trolley Handle

A trolley handle is very useful to have.

To be able to carry it with you in very crowded places where you can’t ride, or on the bus or subway, it is equipped with a retractable trolley handle.

Since the KingSong16s is a bit heavy, the trolley handle is a brilliant addition that makes up for the weight and lets you roll it along side you.

Speed Safety Alert

As mentioned earlier, in the app you have the ability to unlock the full power and top speed that the KingSong 16s has to offer. You do this by completing Kingsong’s tutorial and filling in the given code. There are two reasons the top speed is limited.

Firstly it is there to protect you when you are new to EUCs and learning how to ride them. And to not hurt yourself too much and give up, because you will fall, but hopefully not hurt yourself. Beginn on a soft field in the park until you feel confident enough to take it out on the roads.

Secondly, it has to do with various regulations and restrictions in different countries. Many, if not most countries have a speed limit of about 12.5 mph, and so did the KingSong 16s I tried and unlocked by completing the tutorial.

Once the tutorial is completed you can top out at about 22 mph. You can also program sound alerts as you pass certain speeds, so you don’t get over-confident and reckless.


  • Maximum Speed – 20-22 mph
  • Maximum Range – 40-50 Miles
  • Gradability – 30°
  • Rated Power – 1200 w
  • Peak Power – 3000 w
  • Battery – Sanyo Li-Ion 18650 Cells
  • Battery Capacity – 840 wh
  • Charging Time – 6.5 h (2A Charger)
  • Dimensions – 506mm x 463mm x 196mm
  • Weight – 38.5 lbs / 15.5 kg
  • Maximum Load – 330 lbs / 150 kg

Full Specifications Sheet

Kingsong 16s specs are incredible

Riding Experience

The first thing I noticed is how well my feet fit on the platform pedals, you get a really nice grip that helps you maintain a stable position. So, off I went. As an experienced fan of electric unicycles, I completed the tutorial and unlocked the top speed with the given code very quickly.

I could immediately feel the strong acceleration as I leaned forward, however, it was the powerful breaking that truly impressed me. The brakes are super responsive and took me to a full stop very quickly. I gained momentum and reached the top speed in a matter of seconds, and it is fast.

If you have ridden the KingSong 14d, this feels like a more mature version with more power to it. The KingSong 16s is simply a bigger and improved version of the 14d with a sporty feeling to it.

As I tried going off-road, I could appreciate how nimble, agile and responsive this e-unicycle is. It made me feel very comfortable and safe on the more challenging surfaces. This is an exhilarating unicycle to ride on off-road.

On longer trips, I could feel my feet tiring a little more then it has on the larger and more expensive InMotion V10f with a bigger tire. However, if you aren’t planning any 20+ miles non-stop trips, that won’t be an issue.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the KingSong 16s and hold it a bit higher compared to its main competitor the InMotion V8/Sologlide 3. You can definitely feel the increased performance, however, my wallet took a harder hit as well. In my book, it was worth it though. This is a remarkable EUC I wholeheartedly can recommend to everyone.

5000 Km Review Video


KingSong 16s is an immensely popular electric unicycle, and it is easy to see why. Once you get on it you can feel the power between your feet as it takes off. It is both powerful and responsive and offers a very smooth riding experience.

It is a bit more costly than the InMotion V8, however, if the price difference isn’t a huge issue you do get a lot for that extra buck. I feel that it was well worth it.

It is no wonder this is one of the most popular electric unicycles on the market right now. Just like hundreds of customer reviews I can only agree, KingSong 16s is an excellent EUC that has my strongest recommendation.

KingSong 16s Review – Check out today’s price at Amazon

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