How to make E-Bike go Faster – Increase E-Bike Speed

After awhile some people start to think that their electric bike is a bit slow. It’s probably not just a feeling, most likely it’s true.

There are ways to remedy that…

We will go through a few ways to get greatly increased e-bike speed. And also a few easier tricks you can pull from your sleeve to edge that top speed.

Greatly Increase E-Bike Speed

A guy who has modified his bike to increase e-bike speed.To truly get that extra power you feel is lacking you have to tinker a bit, and perhaps replace a few parts. Depending on what kind of electric bike you have this can be easy or completely impossible.

An electric bike consists of three main electrical components. The motor, the battery and the controller. To see if they are replaceable check how they are mounted to your bike. (some mid drive motors are welded to your frame)

If you are sick of your old bike you can get a new one, there are good ebikes for less than 1000 dollars, or replace all the parts by buying a new conversion kit.

These parts can often be separately replaced, however you must make sure you know what parts you have and which new parts are compatible.

The Motor

There are three different types of motors for electric bikes. Front hub, rear hub and a mid drive.

Hub motors are built-in to the wheel while the mid drive is in the middle of the bike driving the chain through the bikes mechanical gears.

You can see how much electrical power a motor can handle in the wattage. To calculate the amount of wattage your motor gets you multiply the controllers Ampere output by the battery’s Voltage.

By checking the numbers you can see if you have a too powerful motor for your battery and controller.

If your motor is the strong link in your build you may consider replacing the battery or controller. Remember (Volt x Amps = Watt)

The Battery

As a battery gets older it looses it’s max capacity and won’t produce the same amount of voltage.

As a rule of thumb a battery has about 1000 full charges after which it has about 60% of its full capacity left. So if your battery is getting old you might consider replacing it.

If you have done the calculations I talked about in the motor section and found out that you have a motor that can handle more wattage than it gets, you may consider getting a new battery with a higher voltage.

The Controller

The controller get power from the battery and channels the right amount of power to the motor. Many times on pre assembled E-bikes the legal speed limit is set in the controller.

In some bikes there is the possibility to remove the speed limit. This is however different in every bike so you will have to look in to your specific model.

How to Make your Ebike go Faster (Easy Tips and Tricks)

There are also some easier changes you can make to your ebike to get a bit more speed without actually replacing any parts.

These tricks are a lot cheaper or even absolutely free.

LCD-Display Settings

LCD-Display hack to increase e bike speed.Some ebikes have a speedometer in the display that tells the bike at which speed to cut the electrical power.

It is a device that is counting how many times the wheel turns in a certain amount of time and from that information calculates the speed. To calculate the correct speed it has to know how big your wheel is (how far you travel in one turn of your wheel).

Most probably you have a 26 inch wheel but since it probable is a generic LCD display produced for many different bikes you might be able to change this in the settings.

Se how small a Wheel you can choose in the settings, perhaps 18 inch wheels.

Doing this will give you a drastically increased e-bike speed without paying a cent.

Tuning Devices

A tuning device can be bought for many of the well-known brands of Electric bikes. Some require some tinkering, some are installed and removed in a matter of seconds.

This is also one of those things that differs and needs to be looked in to in regards to your specific brand and model.

Fully Charged Battery

As stated in the previous battery section of this post, a battery looses its max output of voltages as the battery drains or gets older.

Always charging your battery after every time you drive not only keeps your battery healthy but also gives you the maximum power.

Maintaining your Tires

Just like in a car, good tires can keep the gas used per mile down.

In a bicycle the principle is the same, tires that are pumped to the correct PSI (or even a bit higher) gets a minimal amount of friction to the ground.

Therefore it rolls better and makes it easier on the battery and motor to propel the bike forward. When the motor is under less strain you can get a little more speed out of it.

Another thing ou might want to consider is changing to smoother tires. If you have mountain bike tires on but never rides off-road or on bike trails you get a unnecessary amount of friction. Smoother tires that don’t have a rough pattern rolls easier!

Tune your Breaks

How to make e bike go faster by tuning your breaks.After a while your brakes might want to be tuned. The brake pads rests just millimeters from the tire or disc depending on what type of break you have.

Very often the brake pads gets adjusted by accident when riding. A hard brake, a fall, dropping the bike or someone bumping in to it can cause the break pads to move.

Check so that the brake pads never touches the disc or tire when spinning freely in the air.

If you feel it is hard to properly tune your brakes you can let a mechanic do it for you. It is not that expensive.

If you want to do it yourself there are a lot of guides on YouTube to assist you.

Crouching Down

Lastly on this list of tips is that you can minimize the wind resistance by crouching down.

When sitting up straightly your body acts as a sail, catching the wind and slowing you down. I am sure you have noticed this during windy days. You just don’t reach the speed you usually do if it is stormy outside.

You might have seen how professional riders are bent forward in races (like Tour de France). This trick might seem a bit ridiculous but all the professionals are doing it, so it must be effective.

3 thoughts on “How to make E-Bike go Faster – Increase E-Bike Speed”

  1. Thanks for ur helpful insight. I have a Cyclamatic GTE PRO 36v 250w 10.2a
    How can I increase the speed ? Just want it to go to 20mph currently set at 15mph
    Switch out my King km529 controller or???
    Thanks for help

    1. Well was it possible to change the “tire size” in the controller? Other than that it is difficult to get that dramatic result. An increase of 25% is to ask a lot. Otherwise I would consider selling the ebike and look at a conversion kit instead where you can get a lot more speed and power out of. If you have any questions about it please ask.

      Regards Mark

  2. For km529 when it is on ,you hold plus and minus until back light menu shows up ,then you hold minus and power button until you see ,,0000,, and type in ,,0512,,
    After that you can change all you want and save by holding power button again.

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