5 GoPlus Electric Bike Reviews – Worthy Mid-Tier Ebike Challengers [2020]

Are you looking to buy an electric bike but you’re on a budget? Been there, done that. With all the different models, brands, and features, it can feel a bit overwhelming at times when you begin researching if GoPlus is the best ebike option for you.

This GoPlus electric bike review is meant to help you get an overview of one of the top up-and-comers in the mid-tier ebike range. GoPlus compares very well to more established brands, such as Nakto, SwagCycle, Ancheer, and Cyclematic, considering it’s the new kid on the block being reviewed.

We will go through a few of their ebikes from top to bottom together in this GoPlus electric bike review to see if it is the ebike for you.

GoPlus 20″ Electric Mountain Bike Review

The number one ebike in this GoPlus electric bike review, the GoPlus 20"shines.

GoPlus Electric Bike Review – Check Out Today’s Price On Amazon

Motor: 350 Watt | Top speed: 17 Mph | Battery: 48 V/8 Ah, Li-ion | Battery range: 20-25 miles | Charging time: 8 hours | Frame: Aluminum | Wheels: 20″ | Weight: 64Lbs /29 kg | Gears: 6 speed | Drive: Pedalassist & Throttle

First Impression

When doing this GoPlus electric bike review, the immediate impression was that it was absolutely gorgeous. If by judging GoPlus by its design, you would think that it is an expensive high-end bike. Luckily, a costly price is not one of its many features.

After admiring it for a moment, I noticed the brilliant design. At first glance, this GoPlus indeed looks like an ordinary leg-driven bicycle. However, as you know it is not. The rear hub-motor is a neat powerhouse that blends in with the bike’s design perfectly. The battery is built into the frame to take as little room as possible. And let’s face it, a battery is not a thing of beauty so the more hidden it is, the better.

Usually, an ebike in this price range is equipped with a tub battery mounted on the frame or a battery pack on the rear bike rack. GoPlus’s level of brilliant design is usually only seen on a lot more expensive high-end ebikes.

Motor and Battery

GoPlus 20 measurmeants and sadle hight

The GoPlus 20″ electric bike packs a powerful 350 w rear hub motor with a top speed of 17 mph.

It takes you up hills in a breeze, whether it be on a bike path or a mountain trail.

The reason you get so much power from a 350 w motor is that it is supercharged with a 48 v battery instead of the standard 36 volts. Most stores and sellers that have this GoPlus electric bike in stock have the 36 v version. But luckily for my GoPlus electric bike review, I got to try the 48 v bike from this Amazon seller.

The range on the 48 v 8 Ah battery is about 22 miles on pure electricity. If you pedal along, you can get a lot further. If I could change one thing for this review, I would wish that this GoPlus electric bike had a bit more range. That would, however, mean that the battery wouldn’t fit in the frame in such a neat way anymore. But that is an okay tradeoff in my opinion.

The Build

To make this GoPlus electric bike as light and durable as possible, they built the frame out of an aluminum alloy. The only exception is the front fork that is made from carbon steel. This combination makes your ebike as light-weight yet durable as possible.

The fat-tires are great because they do not only give you better traction; they also have a shock-absorbing effect. Together with the front fork and the shock-absorbing seat post, the GoPlus electric bike is as smooth as it gets.

The 6-speed transmission system and the mechanical disc brakes are great additions to this ebike. In the ad, they advertised hydraulic disc-brakes instead of the mechanical ones that came. So I was a bit disappointed about that, but it’s no biggie. The mechanical disc-brakes turned out to be excellent as well.

Test Ride

GoPlus 20 electric monutain bike riding on snow.

I’ve had the pleasure of riding around on this GoPlus ebike for about ten days now while reviewing it.

My friend was kind enough to lend me his for a whole two weeks so I could do this GoPlus electric bike review properly.

After test-riding the twenty-inch GoPlus electric bike, I can tell you it is a strange beast. And I mean that in every positive sense of the word strange you can think of.

The GoPlus electric bike is more than it’s good looks; it is a hybrid ebike. That means it has a variety of different bike features. One might say it is the best of both worlds. It is both a commuter as well as a mountain bike with high-friction tires for the most challenging conditions out there.

What makes this GoPlus electric bike an excellent commuter is the comfort of the soft saddle and the smooth ride the fat tires provide. In combination with the small amount of physical energy it takes to traverse great distances on an electric bike, this equals not only a good but a great commuter.

I rode my GoPlus electric bike 5 miles to and from work every day as well as taking it on a few joyrides on the trails. And I must say I was quite impressed. The 350 w motor felt both powerful and responsive when off-road and took me up the hills without breaking a sweat.

The commuting part was as smooth as ever. I really am a big fan of fat-tires. With their low air-pressure, they even out even the bigger potholes and bumps in the road. You really can’t find a smoother ride.

While doing this GoPlus electric bike review, my taste in ebikes was confirmed by all the looks the ebike attracted when I rode it. GoPlus is an absolute stunner.

Pros and Cons

Beautiful Design
Really Powerful
A lot of ebike for your money
Only 6 gears
LCD-Display could be bigger


I was very positively surprised when I did this GoPlus electric bike review. I did not expect the GoPlus 20″ electric bike to perform so well.

It performs more than okay in every category but shines in its brilliant design. The smart and well-polished design is what gives such a good impression of this GoPlus electric bike and many times mistakes it for a much more expensive ebike model.

I have reviewed many excellent ebikes in this price range, and GoPlus is a real competitor. With the powerful battery, 350 w motor, dual disc brakes, and the fat-tires you certainly get a lot for such a low price.

In the past, the GoPlus 20″ electric bike has sold out a few times, so make sure not to miss the opportunity when it is in stock. If you have read this GoPlus electric bike review, you surely know my stance on this ebike from GoPlus. It is one I wholeheartedly can recommend.

GoPlus Electric Bike Review – Check Out Today’s Price On Amazon

GoPlus Folding Electric Bike Review

GoPlus folding electric bike

GoPlus Folding Electric Bike Review – Check out today’s price on Amazon

Motor: 350 Watt | Top speed: 19 Mph | Battery: 36 V/6 Ah, Li-ion | Battery range: 12.5 miles | Charging time: 3-4 hours | Frame: Aluminum | Wheels: 12″ | Weight: 30Lbs /14 kg | Max Weight:  265Lbs /120 kg  | Drive: Throttle

First Impression

The first thing you notice is the size of this GoPlus. It seems rather big yet petite at the same time. I suppose that is because it becomes very thin without any pedals that are sticking out.

Even though it’s light-weight, it seems very sturdy and stable. A normal-sized person can sit very comfortably on this without any problems. The thick rubber wheels have good friction and have a dampening effect on uneven roads.

So, the review’s overall first impression was that this was a good quality GoPlus ebike I got at such a competitive price. Let’s see how it held up to the test, shall we?

Motor and Battery

The GoPlus folding ebike is equipped with a tiny 350 w motor. It would actually be hard to fit a stronger electric motor without increasing the wheel size, and 350 w is more than enough for regular use.

The battery that powers this tiny hub-motor is a 36 v/6 Ah battery. It can take you about 12.5 miles on a single charge if there aren’t too many hills. Do make sure not to run out of battery though as you don’t have any pedals.

The Build

Folding the handlebar with measurements

If GoPlus has proven anything in this electric bike review, it is that they have excellent quality in their ebikes. The GoPlus folding ebike is no exception.

It won’t be easy to find a more sturdy and well-balanced ebike in this weight class. GoPlus’s only real competitor has to be SwagCycle with their budget ebikes.

A light aluminum frame and fat super-absorbent tires are pretty much all that there is on this GoPlus bike. Without any gears, pedals, or a chain, this is a maintenance-free ebike.

When you fold the handlebar down, it becomes very flat and fits comfortably in the trunk or on the train. The only thing I find myself wanting is the ability to collapse the frame to make it even smaller. If you are not living in very tight quarters this won’t be a problem.

Test Ride

Try to imagine what it would be like to ride this GoPlus ebike. What you are imagining is probably spot on. It behaves more like an electric scooter than a full-size bicycle. And I found myself realizing, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, on shorter trips that is actually preferable.

The seat was quite comfortable, but I wouldn’t want to sit on it any longer distances. On shorter errands or just a short joyride, it is a match made in heaven. You just hit the throttle and feel the breeze, it is lovely.

I did feel that the motor had a bit of a hard time climbing steeper hills, but that is almost what I expected on a mini ebike. I would be astonished if it hadn’t sagged at all.

I can happily recommend the GoPlus folding electric bike to almost everyone reading this review. If you are on the taller side, though, it might be a bit uncomfortable riding it. Otherwise, I was delighted with my test ride in this GoPlus electric bike review.

Pros and Cons

Sturdy Design
Great Range
No collapsable frame
Struggeling with steep hills


The GoPlus folding electric bike has been a joy to review. The mini ebikes are coming strong right now, and I can understand why.

It is the same reason the electric scooters all over the bigger cities are so popular. They give you certain flexibility that a full-size ebike can’t.

GoPlus has made an electric bike that is fun and versatile that fits perfectly in most homes. With the small size and the frame-handle, it is super easy to carry upstairs and small enough to store in an apartment.

I had a great time reviewing the GoPlus folding electric bike and feel that I can recommend this to anyone who wants a fun ebike. I certainly enjoyed it.

GoPlus Folding Electric Bike Review – Check out today’s price on Amazon

GoPlus Mini Folding Electric Bike Review

GoPlus electric bike review, the tiniest ebike on this list.

GoPlus Folding Electric Bike Review – Check out today’s price on Amazon

Motor: 350 Watt | Top speed: 15.5 Mph | Battery: 36 V/4 Ah, Li-ion | Battery range: 9-2 miles | Charging time: 2-3 hours | Frame: Aluminum | Wheels: 12″ | Weight: 31Lbs /14 kg | Max Weight:  265Lbs /120 kg  | Drive: Throttle

First Impression

This GoPlus is a tiny pedal-less ebike, by any measure. It could work great for shorter trips, but it is more likely a good fit as a toy for your kids. If you intend to use this as an adult, I would recommend you get the slightly bigger one.

GoPlus has shown that their electric bikes are beautifully designed in this review. And this ebike is no exception. The light blue color is quite eye-catching and a perfect match to the black finish.

A strong motor needs good braking power too, so it is nice to see a disk brake on the rear wheel. That is a sign of quality and ambition from GoPlus electric bikes and deserves to be mentioned in this review.

Motor and Battery

This tiny ebike is powered by a rather strong electric motor for such a small bike. The 350 w motor generates more than enough power for this GoPlus ebike to be a thrill to ride. GoPlus has really gone the extra mile here to make this electric bike stand out among its competitors, and it shows in this review.

The battery is rated at 36 v/4 Ah and is mounted on the frame. I can imagine that 4 Ah may seem a little on the low side, but you couldn’t fit a bigger battery on a framework of that size. It still gives you a distance of up to 12 miles to cruise, if you want more you have to get their bigger GoPlus electric bike above.

The Build

Just like the previously reviewed electric bikes from GoPlus, this is a robust and sturdy frame. Its well-polished aluminum frame is super light at 31 Lbs and is easily carried up to the apartment.

Instead of pedals, you get two pegs to rest your feet on while riding comfortably. The adjustable seat is soft and comfortable to sit on, and the handlebar can be folded down.

With a rear disk brake, you don’t have to worry about slowing down, you gently squeeze the brakes to a halt.

All and all, this is excellent quality at a very reasonable price. The electric bikes from GoPlus have really impressed me so far in this review.

Test Ride

After a quick charge, it was only a matter of adjusting the seat post, jumping on it, and going out for a cruise. This GoPlus electric bike does feel a bit small for me, but I am still having a blast doing this review.

My feet rested comfortably on the pegs, and I hit the throttle. The acceleration was satisfactory, and the motor felt strong. I immediately knew that this was a fun ebike to drive.

And it sure was, as I hit the first hill this GoPlus ebike proved itself instantly. It had no problem at all to get up the hills in my neighborhood, and the disc brakes responded to the slightest touch, slowing me down.

I got about 10 miles on my first ride before I had to charge it. As I stated before, the range is the only thing that has left me wanting. But this ebike is probably designed for kids so to get a better range I need to buy a bigger ebike. And spend more money.

I have had a great time reviewing this GoPlus electric bike and can heartily recommend it.

Pros and Cons

Gorgeous design
Super fun
Light weight
Increased range


In this review, you have found a fun electric bike from GoPlus. Some might call it a toy, and they might have a point.

Whatever you call it, the facts remain, you’ll have a blast on this electric bike. At least I did, and my neighbor’s son too who got to try it. I can tell you that this is high on his birthday list right now.

As an electric bike intended as a toy, it is hard to give a better review than this GoPlus foldable ebike.

GoPlus Folding Electric Bike Review – Check out today’s price on Amazon

GoPlus Collapsible Electric Bike Review

GoPlus electric bike review on a collapsible frame ebike

GoPlus Folding Electric Bike Review – Check out today’s price on Amazon

Motor: 120-250 Watt | Top speed: 10 Mph | Battery: 36 V/ Li-ion | Battery range: 16 miles | Charging time: 4 hours | Frame: Aluminum | Max Weight:  265Lbs /120 kg | Gears: 2 speed  | Drive: Pedalassist

First Impression

While I’ve been doing this GoPlus electric bike review, I have been really impressed with their work. It has been solid hits, and no misses so far, but this ebike has a bit of both though.

It looks nice and polished, but it lacks the sturdy build that the other GoPlus ebikes have had. Perhaps it has to do with its collapsible frame or something, but it doesn’t feel as stable as I’d like it.

With the cheap price tag and the lower top speed, I feel like this is an ebike designed for kids. For a kid, I can see this ebike being a better fit than for me at least.

Motor and Battery

In this GoPlus electric bike you can choose from a few different motor sizes, I am reviewing the 180 w model. A small 180 w motor feels exactly what you might expect it to feel. It feels kind of weak. A kid, on the other hand, maybe shouldn’t go any faster anyway so it all depends on who GoPlus ebike is for.

The battery takes you up to 16 miles on a single charge, and that is quite an impressive range. Recharging time is about 4 hours on a completely drained battery.

The Build

Ebike folded up to a neat package

The completely collapsible frame is made of a light-weight aluminum alloy.

It makes it easy to carry if you are going somewhere far and want to bring a bicycle with you.

When you fold the ebike, it becomes tiny and compact. It fits comfortably in the trunk, under the bus seat or in the back of your closet. The one thing I am missing is a handle to carry it on the frame. Other than that, I am impressed by how easy and quick it was to both fold and unfold it.

The issue I’m having in this review is that this GoPlus electric bike can feel a bit unstable at times. It feels somewhat loose in the joints no matter how hard I lock them down.

Test Ride

The first thing I did was to assemble the ebike. It was smooth and easy and done in no time.

After the 4 hour charge, I took it out for a spin. The saddle was comfortable enough, and it was a pretty good ergonomic position to pedal in.

As soon as you start to pedal, you feel the motor helping you along. Not so much that it takes over entirely, but it does help a lot. I got up to a top speed of about 14 mph when pedaling hard and about 11 mph when I was relaxing.

On good pavement, it worked just fine, but on potholes and over curbs you had to be somewhat careful. You could feel that the GoPlus ebike couldn’t take any harder hits, at least with my whole weight on it. If you were half my size, I think it would feel very different.

Pros and Cons

Cheap on a budget
Collapsable frame
Light weight
A bit unstable
Slow top speed
Struggeling with hills


If this were to be a gift for your kids, then it would be an exceptional gift. Any kid would love to have this GoPlus electric bike.

Although in my review of this GoPlus electric bike, I found this a bit too weak for a fully grown man. Since the max weight is 265Lbs, they should really take a look at how they can strengthen the joints in future versions. A stronger motor would also be nice.

If this bike was intended for an adult, I would instead recommend the SwagCycle EB5 on Amazon. You can check out a review of the SwagCycle foldable ebikes right here.

If this GoPlus electric bike is for you or your kid, you can find it right below along with many more customer reviews.

GoPlus Folding Electric Bike Review – Check out today’s price on Amazon

GoPlus Electric Trike Review

GoPlus electric trike review

GoPlus Electric Trike Review – Check out today’s price here

Motor: 500 Watt | Top speed: 18.5 Mph | Battery: 48 V/10 Ah, Li-ion | Battery range: 25 miles | Charging time: 5 hours | Frame: Aluminum | Wheels: 20″ | Weight: 99Lbs /45 kg | Max Weight:  330Lbs /150 kg | Gears: 1 speed | Drive: Throttle

First Impression

Fat tires have been a common occurrence in this review, and this three-wheeled GoPlus electric bike is by no means an exception. Fat tires have in recent years exploded in popularity, and I understand the hype. They give the bike or in this case trike, a whole new dimension to it.

It feels robust, and you can’t be more stable than on a trike. However, just having one gear on a heavy trike seems like a mistake, but we’ll see.

Motor and Battery

A heavy trike like this needs a strong electric motor, especially since you might fill the cargo basket with groceries or other cargo. Luckily this electric trike from GoPlus has more than enough power in the 500 w motor.

A powerful motor needs a capable battery. This electric trike is equipped with a powerful 48 v/10 Ah battery that is more than capable of giving the trike the power it requires.

Test Ride

Sitting on this electric trike is about as comfortable as it looks. A soft saddle and fat tires make smaller potholes a non-issue. If you can’t feel them you don’t have to avoid them, right?

When I hit the throttle, it responded immediately and hit top speed relatively quickly. It has a lot of weight to carry forward so don’t expect top-notch acceleration. This GoPlus is primarily a cargo trike and not a drag-racer.

Anyway, I was happy with the performance of the motor. And that is especially important since it only has one gear to pedal on. It was nearly impossible to get anywhere without electrical power. Sure, you can use the pedals as a supplement to the motor. I don’t imagine many people will though, so fortunately for them the motor is great.

The cargo basket is so nice to have. Shopping for groceries was just as easy as taking the car but more fun. Another great thing is that my dog can come with me in the trike’s basket when he gets too tired of running.

Pros and Cons

Stable and sturdy
Powerful motor
Cargo basket
Cheap price
Only one gear
A bit on the heavy side


If it weren’t for the single gear this would be the best budget electric trike I have ever reviewed. If you only intend to ride on the throttle than it is fine really. Every trike is heavy and hard to pedal even with more gears.

So, if you are satisfied with a distance of 25 miles on a single charge, this is the trike for you. For most people, this is enough. Otherwise, you would probably be looking at another price range anyway.

If these criteria fit your needs, this is truly a hell of a trike for a cheap buck. There is nothing to complain about regarding the quality. It is pristine. If you are looking for an electric trike on a budget, this is about as good as it gets. Therefore I feel that I can give this trike my recommendation.

GoPlus Electric Trike Review – Check out today’s price here

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