Ebike Helmet vs Bicycle Helmet – Whats the Differens?

What is the difference between an Ebike helmet and an ordinary bicycle helmet?


An electric bike can go as fast as 20-50 mph, a normal bicycle travels at an average speed of about 10 mph. Think about that for a moment.

In this article I will go trough the advantages of having an E-bike helmet and what your alternatives are.

What is an Ebike helmet?

A guy wearing a high speed helmet.
A proper helmet is required for high speeds.

An E-bike helmet is constructed to withstand harder impacts from crashing at higher speeds. It is similarly built to the types of helmets used by professional cyclists.

The legal speed limit for electrics bikes differs from state to state, although in most states the limit is set around 20 mph. This however does not mean that most ebikes are legal, many ebike can travel at between 20-50 mph.

With this in mind, consider that normal bike helmets are constructed for the average speed of a bicycle, about 10 mph. Depending on how fast an ebike you have and how fast you like to ride, you might want to think about better protective gear. Especially for your head.

In the US there are as of yet no special safety ratings for Ebike helmets. Therefore they are not very common yet. In Europe there are a lot more pedelecs and electric bikes on the streets so they have gotten further in that aspect.

They have local certificates for electric bike helmets (higher layer of protection) which is a big improvement in safety from the CPSC rating we have in America for bicycle helmets.

I enjoy a really fast ride, sometimes a bit too fast for my own good. After my first crash, the result was a cracked helmet and lot of luck and that’s when I got myself an ebike helmet instead.

Ebike Helmets and their Alternatives

Since helmets specifically made for electric bikes are relatively new on the market they can be difficult to get a hold of, and don’t have many reviews yet.

Well-known companies like Cratoni and Kali have started producing this kind of helmets. Unfortunately they have mostly gone for the European market because they have safety regulations in place for ebike helmets.

Electric bikes and their accessories are a blooming industri in America and I am certain these helmets will be more common very soon.

If you have a hard time getting hold of an ebike helmet there are adequate alternatives.

Competative cyclist use road racing helmets that are built in a similar fashion. After Andrei Kivilev crashed and died in 2003 they made wearing helmets compulsary in competitions.

Another alternative could be a high end Mountain Bike helmet. They might not be built for road racing but they are build to take a beating.

Cratoni C-Loom Ebike Helmet

The German company Cratoni is now a well know player in the helmet industry. They began 1985 producing bicycle helmets and as technology evolved, so did their helmets. To meet the demands of new faster electrical bikes the helmets had to handle harder impacts.

This is the only helmet on this list that is constructed solely for electric bikes. These kind of helmets are new on the market and are still hard to get a hold of in the US. The only one I found easily available was the C-Loom helmet.

The C-Loom ebike helmet is innovatively designed for higher speeds while keeping features like;

  • 9 Air vents to keep a cool headCratoni C-Loom Ebike helmet
  • Rear led-light for greater visibility
  • Padding to ensure a comfortable fit
  • Light weight  (0.8 lbs/350g)

This Ebike Helmet is sold directely from Cratoni on Amazon, Check it out here!

Kali Loka Road Helmet

Kali is a California based company that has been revolutionizing the helmet industry with their innovative technology. They have recently started to manufacture Ebike Helmets for the European market. Unfortunatly those helmets are not yet available in the US. We hope that they soon will be.

In the meanwhile we have their exeptionell Road Racing Helmets to ensure our safety.

The Loka helmet is the lightest helmet on this list weighing only 0.55 pounds. With 21 vents to keep our heads cool and a comfortable fit this helmet is perfect for your daily commuts.

This helmets features are;Kali Loke Road Helmet, a good alternative to an Ebike Helmet.

  • 21 Ventilation holes
  • Composite Fusion EPS Foam
  • Internal Structural Cage
  • Super Light Weight (0.55lbs/250g)

Get this helmet from Kali Protectives on Amazon.

Giro Chronicle MTB Helmet

Giro is also a well-known helmet brand. This specific helmet is constructed for riding trails on a mountain bike therefore it is very durable.

It has 14 ventilation holes but it can still get a bit warm when pedaling long distances. Lucky for you, with an electric bike you never get that warm!

The ebike helmet is equipped with a MIPPS-system to prevent rotational forces to your head upon impact.

Some of the features are;Giro Chronicle MTB helmet with MIPPS

  • 14 Ventilation holes
  • Compatible with eyeglasses
  • MIPS protective system
  • Lightweight (0.8lbs/0.380g)
  • Comes in a wide array of colors

Check it out on Amazon!

Smith Optics Forefront MTB Helmet

With the Smith Optics Forefront you get another quality mountain bike helmet. Really good protection for the back of your head and new technology to slightly deform the helmet on inpact you get one of the safest MTB helmets in this price range.

With small straws in the ventilation holes it transfers the hot air out really quick. The adjustable visor and thick foam padding makes it sits comfortably on your head while not getting direct sunlight in your eyes. The only thing missing is the MIPS-system, however their more expensive models has been fitted with that.

Some features are;Smith Forefront MTB Helmet

  • Good back head protection
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Thick padding and adjustable visor
  • Light weight  (0.65 lbs/300g)
  • Comes in a wide array of colors

Read the Amazing reveiws this helmet has on Amazon.

Outlaw T68 Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

A motorcycle helmet isn’t a bad idea if your electric bike goes above the speed limit.

Some electric bikes can travel between 30-45 mhp. These helmets are made for that kind of speed!

There are tons of different motorcyle helmets, but for the purpose of riding an ebike I would want it to be as lightweight as they come (even if its not near the ebike helmets in weight).

Outlaw motorcycle helmet

It doesn’t have to be this exact one but what is important is that it covers the back of your head as this one does.

Amazon has a vide variety of motorcycle helmets, this is one of the lightest. (And most suited for an electric bike)


Even if there isn’t a law in every state that adults have to wear a helmet, I believe most can agree that it is the smart thing to do.

As you can see finding a ebike helmet is not an easy task.

An ebike helmet should be able to withstand a hard impact while also being ventilated and super lightweight. It is tough finding all these criteria in one helmet.

I hope this list of suitable Ebike Helmets helped. Protect yourself and ride safely!









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