Bintelli Electric Bike Review – Updated 2020 – Best Bintelli Bikes

Bintelli Electric Bike Review, Bintelli Quest

This Bintelli electric bike review will take not only a closer look at the M1, B1, and Fusion bikes but also the company as a whole.

The more you know about a product before you buy it, the more satisfied you will feel about the purchase.

So, how do these electric bikes from Bintelli perform when put to the test in this review? Does the quality pass the test of time, and how is the overall customer satisfaction? Read the full review of the Bintelli M1, B1, and Fusion electric bikes and find out!

Bintelli Electric Bike Review

Bintelli is a Chinese manufacturing company that ships its ebikes from the Znen manufacturing facility in China. Every single Bintelli electric bike that comes out of this manufacturing facility is meticulously designed, reviewed as well as tested rigorously for utmost customer satisfaction and durability. All the bikes designed by Bintelli are load-tested for about 30 minutes to surpass all traditional breaking points of faulty manufacturing.

None of the electric bikes from Bintelli in this review require any assembling or hours of work before you can start riding on them.
Bintelli ships only fully assembled bikes to its customers. Therefore you can start riding on your favorite bike as soon as it is delivered on your door-step.

The President, Justin Jackrel describes Bintelli bikes as: “Not the cheapest Chinese electric bikes, but one of the best Chinese ebikes.”

Bintelli M1 Electric Bike Review

Bintelli M1 Review

The Bintelli M1 is a fat-tire electric mountain bike that comes with a 48v Panasonic lithium-ion battery, Velo rubber grips, an LCD display, and a very powerful 750-watt hub motor.
As with all other bikes from Bintelli, the M1 is also equipped with an adjustable gooseneck, a headlight, a taillight, Shimano gearing, seat post suspension, rim reflectors, water bottle stand, and a UL approved charger unit.


  • 750W Bafang Hub Motor
  • 48V 10.4 Ah Samsung Battery
  • 48V and 18A Integrated Controller
  • 23-30 Miles Estimated Range
  • 20 mph of Top Speed
  • 4-6 hours (full) Charge Time
  • Two Drive Modes – A cadence sensing pedal assist and a trigger throttle mode
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame (6061)
  • Gears – 1×7 7 Speed Shimano Tourney TX
  • Tektro Disc Brakes with 160 mm Rotors
  • Kenda 26” x 4.0” Tires
  • Velo Rubber Grips
  • LCD Display Panel
  • One Front Headlight
  • A Water-bottle Carrier
  • Colour Options – White, Black, and Orange
  • Weight – 60 lbs



Bintelli M1 is an ebike that is comfortable and easy to ride with a long range, that lets you go both on and off-road. The M1 handles the mountain trails as well as the beach. Looking at the specs of this bike we can see a powerful 500w rear hub motor from renowned manufacturer Bafang and a 48V battery. It is capable of taking you up to 30 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 20 mph.

Qualitywise, you are in good hands. With Juggernaut tires from Kenda, hub motor from Bafang, disc brakes and rubber grips from Velo you have a variety of high-end parts from top-notch manufacturers. Those in combination with the aluminum alloy frame makes an excellent electric bike. And you can tell from looking at it. This is a beautiful looking ebike from Bintelli.

Even if it has quality high-end parts, there are some weaker points as well. It is somewhat cumbersome, coming in at 60lBs and the rubber protection for the charge port has sometimes come off.

The only real downside, though, would have to be the price tag. As of writing this review, the Bintelli M1 electric bike retails at $1800. It is a great bike, but I would like to get a superior Bafang mid-drive motor instead of the installed hub motor. You can get a lot more power from an electric bike in this price range. There are other manufacturers, such as Addmotor, Haibike, etc. that offers a bit more bang for your buck. You can check them out on Amazon and make sure all your options are considered.

Bintelli B1 Electric Bike Review

Bintelli B1 Review, Orange

The Bintelli B1 is rightly considered a classic beach cruiser. This particular beach-inspired model is equipped with various standard Bintelli features, such as 10AH lithium-ion battery, LED Display, a 350-watt hub motor, UL approved charger, a head and tail light, seat post suspension, rim reflectors, and a water bottle stand.


  • 350 W Rear-mounted Brushless Hub Motor
  • 36V 10Ah Battery
  • 36V 15A Integrated Controller
  • 19-25 Miles Estimated Range
  • 20mph Top Speed
  • 4-6 Hours (full) Charge Time
  • Equipped with a 2A CE/UL Charger
  • Two Drive Modes – a cadence sensing pedal assist and one trigger throttle mode
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame (6061)
  • 7 Speed 1×7 Gear and Shimano Tourney TX
  • Rigid Aluminum Alloy Fork
  • Zoom Disc Brake with 160 mm Rotors
  • Kenda 26” x 2.35” Tires
  • Wuxing Levers and Wuxing Rubber Grips
  • A Front Headlight
  • One Water Bottle Stand
  • Colour Options – White, Blue, Orange and Mint
  • Weight – 48.5 lbs
  • Weight Capacity – 275 lbs



When reviewing this Bintelli B1 electric bike, we have to have in mind that it is a beach cruiser. So, what makes an ebike a beach cruiser?

A beach cruiser has wide handlebars, a cushioned and comfortable seat, and a somewhat rounded frame. The Bintelli B1 has all those features along with dual disc brakes, Wuxing levers, and of course an electrically powered hub motor.

The hub motor is 350w and is more than capable of regular bike use. It is powerful enough to take you up steep hills in a breeze thanks to the powerful 36V battery. With Kenda tires, you can ride in sand and dirt and to some extent, even snow. The Zoom disc brakes take you to a halt in no time, you only have to squeeze the brakes with minimal force, for them to engage.

There is a lot of high-end, quality parts to talk about in this Bintelli B1 electric bike review. But I won’t go on about all the technical features and specifications. It can become a bit tiresome. What I want to say, though, is that this a great ebike that will last you a long time, just as you would expect from an ebike that has a price tag of $1500. What I find myself wanting is a bit more power to it. A 500w motor and a 48V battery wouldn’t hurt at this price range. Anyhow, if you like this ebike, then you should go for it! Bintelli B1 has been an excellent electric bike to review.

Bintelli Fusion Electric Bike Review

Bintelli Fusion Electric Bike Review

The Bintelli Fusion Electric Bike is a hybrid bike that combines the comfort of both an electric bike and a scooter. This bike is designed to roll on or off-road at a speed of 20 mph, and gives you the joy of owning an electric bike with the same comfort as driving a small and compact scooter.
The Bintelli Fusion falls in the category of a bicycle; hence, you don’t need any license, registration, or insurance to ride it.


  • 750w Bafang Hub Motor
  • 48V 10Ah Battery
  • 20-28 Miles Estimated Range
  • 20 mph Top Speed
  • 4-6 Hours (full) Charge Time
  • Two Drive Modes – A cadence sensing pedal assist (1:5) and a trigger throttle
  • 20” Aluminum Alloy Frame (6061)
  • 7 Speed 1×7 and Shimano Tourney TX gear
  • Tektro Disc Brake with 160 mm Rotors
  • Kenda 26” x 2.35” Tires
  • Velo Rubber Grips
  • LCD Display
  • Colors – White, Black, Orange, and Red
  • Weight – 85 lbs
  • Weight capacity – 300 lbs



The Bintelli Fusion electric bike is probably the coolest bike in this review. It is sort of a mix between an ebike and a scooter. Without the hassle of getting a license, insurance, and whatnot, you get a huge comfy saddle instead of a seat along with a powerful Bafang motor. You’ll have a hard time finding a bike seat that is as comfortable as this saddle, that’s for sure.

As this ebike comes in at a retail price of $1800, it is wonderful to see a large 750w Bafang motor. Even though it is not Bafangs 750w renowned mid-drive motor, a hub motor will have to do. With great power comes great responsibility, so the Bintelli fusion is of course equipped with dual Tektro disc brakes for maximum safety.

Kendo fat-tires is a standard Bintelli feature like it is in every electric bike in this review. They allow you to ride on practically every surface. The super-wide tires on the Fusion bike are perfectly suited for riding in the snow, so you won’t have any reason to leave your bike at home.

It performs very similarly to one of its competitors, the Addmotor M60 on Amazon. Even if the Addmotor has the better top speed, it can’t compete in terms of design. The Bintelli Fusion electric bike has the best looks in this review. So it is really up to you, do you want higher top speed or a gorgeous design? Whatever your choice may be, I believe you will be satisfied with your choice of bike. Both are excellent ebikes.

Bintelli Electric Bike Review – Conclusion

Bintelli has various other models also under its umbrella such as Bintelli Trio E-bike, Bintelli M2 Bike, Bintelli Quest Electric Bicycle, etc. All of these models are equipped with some basic features (as stated above) and are highly popular among its users.
Although these bikes are very durable and reliable, there are some people who expect a bit more at this price range.

Many users are also of the opinion that Bintelli bikes are a bit overpriced when compared to other brands with similar features. For instance, e-bikes from Addmotor, which is a global bike company, are also very good in terms of efficiency, reliability, and affordability. They come in at about the same price range but packs a bit more power in its punch.

E-bikes today are the most viable and environment-friendly alternatives to fossil-fuelled commuting. With so many brands and products, customers have a variety of options to choose from in order to get the riding experience they want. And you deserve an excellent riding experience, whether that be a Bintelli or Addmotor ebike.

I hope you found this Bintelli electric bike review of the M1, B1, and Fusion ebikes helpful. If you get yourself one, please come back and leave a comment with your own mini-review. If you have any other questions, then please feel free to ask, and I will try to answer as soon as I can.

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