The 5 Best Fat-Tire Electric Bikes – Reviews [2020]

Fat-tire ebikes are really popular and cool right now but it’s not just eye-candy.

These electric fat-bikes are truly revolutionary inventions in modern bike technology aswell.

We have delved deep in all the advantages and disadvantages of fat bikes to find the best fat-tire electric bikes in different price ranges.

Down below you will find out our thoughts on the bikes we found worthy to make it into this article.

Benefits of Fat-Tire eBikes

Guy enjoying the view. Electric fat tire bike reviews helped him choose the best ebike for him.We were taking a deeper look at the advantages of fat-tire electric bikes. It very quickly became clear that all the benefits are a result of the low pressure wide tires.

The only downside to this I could find was that a fat bike tends to weigh a little bit more due to the sturdier frame it is equipped with.

Fat bikes probably originates from the early 1900’s but was modernized by Jean Naud in the 80’s. He custom-built a fat bike to travel across the Sahara desert.

The idea is very simple yet incredibly brilliant, the greater traction these tires provide gives us huge benefits. It has revolutionized a wide array of cycling styles as well as given birth to completely new areas of usage.

All-round Electric Fat-Tire Bikes

When people are searching for the best fat-tire electric bikes, this is what they are looking for. The all-round fat-tire electric bike is made to do everything. It may not be the absolute best in all categories but it is great at everything.

This type of bike is great at things, such as;

  • Riding both on and off-road – No other bike is as versatile a fat bike, you can transition between city roads and dirt trails seamlessly.
  • Riding in snow and ice – As opposed to regular bikes the wider tires get enough traction to ride on both snow and ice.
  • Cruising on the beach or desert – You can now ride directly from the beach-walk down on the beach to your favourite swimming spot.
  • Commuting all year round – Because you can ride in the winter you are now able to take your bike to work all year. This is the biggest reason fat bikes have become enormously popular in the northern parts of America and Europe.

What makes these fat-tire electric bikes so great are their versatility.

As I am sure you remember from earlier that their tires are not only wide but also has a very low air pressure. This does not only give greater traction but also a very smooth and comfortable riding experience.

The tires work as a sort of natural shock absorbent, so therefore uneven surfaces and bad roads won’t feel as bumpy to ride on.

Hunting and Fishing

For fishing and hunting you need the best electric fat bike.These bikes have for obvious reasons become popular for outdoor activities. You can now take your bike to that remote fishing spot that you previously had to walk to.

For that reason electric fat-tire bikes have become very common. Mostly for hunters, anglers, climbers, bird-watchers and everyone else that regularly visits remote locations with difficult terrain.

As for hunters, the riding in hard terrain is not the only attractive feature of these bikes. They are much more silent than an ATV or dirt bike.

It is a great advantage not to be heard so easily when scouting new hunting grounds, checking bait, traps and setting up trail cameras. If you are looking for a hunting bike you should look for a lot of power.

On some bikes you can even attach a trailer. When you are carrying a heavy load you want a powerful bike. A thing to be aware of though is that these bikes are rarely street-legal.

Cross-Country Mountain Biking

This type of electric fat-tire bike is built like a mountain bike. They are made mostly with dirt trails in mind and are therefore equipped with at least front suspension.

A fat-tire electric mountain bike is usually larger than an all-round fatbike. Although it has wide tires they are slightly thinner than on a normal fat bike. This is because you want as much stability as possible in high speeds.

With this in mind, you should choose a fat-tire mountain bike if your main goal is to ride fast on trails. These bikes are made to be fun and go fast.


Bikepacking is a fairly new concept. You can consider it hiking on a bike.

In the past years when electric bikes became more common, bikepacking became a thing. Many people are now doing it and there are a growing community out there dedicated to this.

When people were looking for the perfect bike for this purpose they found that the important factors were;

  • Comfortability – The combination of shock-absorbant tires and a great saddle makes it very comfortable to ride long distances.
  • Packability When traveling for several days on a bike you have a lot of gear and clothes with you. You quickly realize that caring it all in a backpack is not an optimal solution. A bike rack and the possibility to add side bags are essential.

If this is something you can see yourself doing then this is the best fat-tire electric bike for you.

Even if this might not be your cup of tea, a bike like this could still be a preferrable option.

If you want to combine joy-riding and shopping for groceries, this is still a perfect fit. That is why these kind of bikes are slowly taking over the fat bike market.

The 5 Best Fat-Tire Electric Bikes

These are the five best fat-tire electric bikes that won’t break your wallet.

All these ebikes are a really solid investment. Therefore we have not ranked them by popularity or anything like that. Instead we ranked them by price, starting with the most affordable one.

Ecotric Fatbike – The Best Electric Fat Bike Under $1000

The Ecotric Fat-Tire is one of the best ebikes under $1000

The Ecotric Fatbike is our only option under $1000. On such a strict budget you still get a really powerful 500 W motor. It is capable of climbing steep hills and has a top speed of about 20 Mph on a flat surface.

The 36 V/ 12 Ah battery is placed on the frame. That is the best placement in my opinion because if you want better packing options you can always install a rear bike rack.

The battery gives you a range of between 18 to 25 miles. On this budget that is a lot. Since the battery is swappable you can always upgrade it at a later time if you find that it isn’t enough.

As for the bike itself, I have to say it is mostly an all-round fat bike. If you were to add a rear bike rack and side bags it could work rather well for camping and bikepacking as well.

Ecotric gives you a lot of bike for your money. The value you get for your money is the biggest reason this bike made it to the top of my list of best ebikes under $1000.

If you are on a budget then this is a great investment. You can read more about this bike on Amazon.

The Best Fat-Tire Electric Bikes – Check Out Today’s Price

Nakto Cruiser – The Best Fat-Tire E-bike Under $1250

Nakto Cruiser is one of the best electric fat bikes.The Nakto Cruiser is a vastly more powerful ebike. You might think that the 500 W motor this bike is equipped with is a lot better. That is not the case.

Most part of the extra money you put into this bike goes in the battery. This electric fat bike has a 48 V battery that squeezes every bit of juice out of the motor.

Those extra volts gives you greater top speed as well as longer range. A 48 V / 12 Ah battery gives you a top speed of about 35 Mph and gives you a range of about 35-50 miles.

This ebike is a cross-country mountain bike, it is primarily made for dirt-trails and adventures. With the premium front suspension and the wide tires it is very comfortable to ride on uneven surfaces.

If I was to describe this bike in three words it would be Fun, Fast and Powerful.

This bike is ready and waiting for you at Amazon, a better value electric fat bike is hard to get.

The Best Fat-Tire Electric Bikes – Check Out Today’s Price

Addmotor Fatbike – The Best E-Fatbike Under $1700

Addmotor is truly one of the best fat tire electric bikes in this price range.Addmotor has been building electric conversion kits for a long time. They have sold and converted thousands of bikes to satisfied customers.

When they expanded their business to include complete ebikes they wanted to keep the same quality that they are known for.

This fat bike has a 500 W motor and a 48 V / 10.4 Ah battery for maximum torque.

That gives you a top speed of approximately 25 Mph and a range of 40-55 miles. The top speed might not be that impressive but the range is incredible.

The battery-case is built-in to the frame to look as natural as possible. Along with the supreme Mozo front suspension and a robust design, this bike looks fantastic.

This bike is a typical all-round fat bike. It is great at everything but not really specialized for a single purpose. It is simply fun, durable and gets you where you want to go.

Even though a cheaper ebike works well too, when we enter this price range you do get a certain quality throughout the bike.

If your budget allows it then there is no question at all. You have to get this bike from Amazon, it is amazing.

The Best Fat-Tire Electric Bikes – Check Out Today’s Price

Cyrusher Fat Bike – The Best Fat-Tire Mountain Bike Under $1800

Cyrusher is an incredible fat-tire electric mountain bike.When Cyrusher built this bike they had one purpose in mind, speeding down a mountain bike trail.

Equipped with a powerful 500 W hubmotor and a 48 V / 10.4 Ah battery this bike can get you places you normally wouldn’t reach.

To be able to do that you have to get up there first, right? That is where this typ of bike distinguishes it self.

A standard electric mountain bike has one huge problem, traction. When going up steep dirt tracks you have to get traction to actually move.

With wider tires you solve this issue, you no longer have to lose speed and end up spinning in the same spot.

With this battery you get a top speed of about 25 Mph and a range of 30-40 miles. The top speed maybe doesn’t look like much but to be honest you probably wouldn’t want to go any faster down a mountain.

This bike has a light but sturdy aluminum frame and great front suspension to help you maintain control when riding off-road.

If you like to go mountain biking then this is the best fat-tire electric bike out there in this price range.

You can check out the great reviews this bike has on Amazon.

The Best Fat-Tire Electric Bikes – Check Out Today’s Price

Addmotor 1000 W FatBike – The Best Electric Fat Bike Under $3000

Addmotor offers probably the best quality ebike under $3000.With this ebike, Addmotor has built a true monster. It is primarily an all-round fat bike that works well for bikepacking too.

When entering this price range you get a far superior middrive motor instead. The 1000 W Bafang motor that this bike is equipped with really packs a punch.

A middrive motor drives the chain instead of the wheel. That means that you can get both great top speed and torque depending on the gear you are pedaling on.

The 48 V / 14.5 Ah battery is about as big as they come. If you at a later time want to upgrade your battery you could go for 52 volts, even though I doubt that would be necessary.

A battery of this size gives you a top speed of about 30 Mhp and a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge. If you change your gear cassettes to a bigger size you would get a higher top speed.

The actual bike is a robust aluminum frame with front suspension and a rear bike rack. It is built for everyday use, you can take it to work or buy groceries as well as riding off-road.

There is a saying that you can’t get a great ebike for less than $3000. That is so very untrue.

All of the bikes on this list are great ebikes but when you come close to that price you get a middrive motor and an enormous battery. And lets not forget top-notch quality.

If you want the best, then this is it. Get it now at Amazon.

The Best Fat-Tire Electric Bikes – Check Out Today’s Price


As you can see there are great options out there that won’t break your wallet.

The biggest difference between the different ebikes are the battery and overall quality. You simply get what you pay for.

That however doesn’t mean that the cheaper bikes aren’t good. They are great for that amount of money and they are definitely comparable to a lot more expensive bikes from more fashionable and popular brands.

I have repeatedly said that an electric bike is a solid investment. There have been many studies that confirm that.

You really save a lot of money on gas, public transportation tickets and from a health perspective you are less likely to get certain diseases.

Don’t wait, get your dream bike today. I sincerely hope that you found the best fat-tire electric bike for you in this article.

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