The Best Electric Unicycle for Sale in 2019 – A One-Wheel Revolution

In my younger days I tried to learn how to ride a traditional unicycle. After some scrapes and bruises, well, let’s just say I never really mastered it.

So when my good friend Justin told me he had bought an electric unicycle and wanted me to try it, to say I was skeptical would be an understatement.

Jumping on it with that mindset made it maybe the most surprisingly positive experience ever. And boy, am I glad he showed me this incredible vehicle.

If it wasn’t for Justin I wouldn’t have spent hundreds of hours on different self balancing unicycles. Nor would I have written this review, buyer’s and beginners guide to help others in trying out this awesome invention.

Everyone who have seen one and is the tiniest bit curious should definately try it out, it is not only useful but so much fun.

The Best Electric Unicycle For You

InMotion V8 – Best Overall

The best electric unicycle on this list is the InMotion. Powerful and for an affordable price tag.

They say you can’t expect to get it all unless you’re willing to pay for it. For sure, most of the time that is the case, but not always.

Don’t believe me? Make sure you take a closer look at the InMotion V8, the exception to the rule. It is either the winner or close runner-up in every feature while staying within a very reasonable price range.

So, after I had fallen in love with my friend’s electric unicycle I had to get one of my own. After looking around quite a bit and doing my research this quickly emerged as the obvious choice for me. With the speed and power to match my personality and a price tag that seemed reasonable there was no question about it, I ordered it right away.

Just as excited as I was opening the package I was equally impressed trying it out. The powerful 800 w motor really packs a punch. I can tell you that when you max it out at 20 mph adrenalin will be pumping. With a range of 30 miles you can easily get to your destination and home again on a single charge. If for some reason 30 miles isn’t enough it is very easy to bring with you on the train or the bus.

The thing about this electric unicycle is that it can do just about everything without costing you a fortune, it’s the versatility that is InMotion V8’s greatest strength. Whether you will be commuting, riding off-road or going on adrenalin-filled joy-rides, it will handle it without breaking a sweat. As I ride on my V8 to work I usually speed past all the cyclist and get quite a few envious looks.

InMotion has an app that let’s you monitor speed and distance as well as a few other programmable features such as the built-in speaker. To be honest though, the app does needs some work, it will be a great tool once they have completed all the features though. That might be the only downside but I use other apps to monitor my rides, there are plenty to choose from.

InMotion sells their V8 model at a few different stores, including their own Amazon store. That way they can keep the price tag as low as possible. This is a great electric unicycle that quickly became my favorite and I can whole-heartedly recommend it.

Pros Cons
Fast and Powerful
Great Range
Great Value
Water Resistant
The InMotion App

The Best Electric Unicycle – Check today’s price

KingSong 16s – Best Performance

The second best electric unicycle is a beast. KingSong is the winner in everything but the price.

So the second best electric unicycle had to be the KingSong 16s.

With a really powerful motor and a superb range, it actually outperforms our first choice on this list in nearly every aspect. So why isn’t it first? Let’s find out.

The clever and gorgeous design offers us a lot of smart features, such as a front light, a speaker and a top-handle.

This beast is powered by an 1200 w electric motor that lets you ride at a speed of a whopping 22 mph. Underneath the polished design you find a sturdy aluminum alloy frame. The frame is built to be very strong and durable. It is probably the only seat-less electric unicycle that has a maximum weight-limit of 330 lbs. One of the best things about this electric unicycle is just that, it is designed to fit everyone.

The KingSong 16s has not only one, but two batteries. Therefore the range is almost unbelievable. It can take you up to 60 miles on a flat surface in a single charge. When you do need to carry it you can pull out the handle like a airport bag and drag it behind you.

They have incorporated several clever design features in this newly upgraded model. It has headlights in both directions as well as a Bluetooth speaker. You can control and customize all the features including drive modes and speed limits with the KingSong app. The app does need some improvements though.

As you can see, this really is the best electric unicycle on this list. So why is it not our first choice? Well, it simply comes down to the price tag. Even though it has a greater range, headlights and an impressive overall quality the pricing is a bit to steep. In Europe, the price has been set to about 1600 dollars, however at Amazon you can find it a great deal cheaper.

Pros Cons
Insane Range (60 miles)
330 lbs Max Weight
Water Resistant
Retractable Top Handle
The Kingsong App
A Bit Expensive

The Best Electric Unicycle – Check today’s price

Superride S1000‌ – Best Seated Unicycle

The Superride is the best electric unicycle with a seat. Great performance puts this in third place.

The Superride S1000 is the only seated electric unicycle on this list.

With a huge wheel it is a lot easier to keep your balance and the seat makes it a lot more comfortable as well.

A large electric unicycle like this works the same way as the smaller ones. But the size and stability it provides makes this a very different sort of vehicle.

The 1000 w electric motor gives you a fast acceleration and a powerful feeling, no matter where you are. It handles the streets just as well as it does a dirt trail or completely off-road. The wide wheel gives you a lot more traction than a thin one, especially when the roads are wet.

The size of it also makes it a lot heavier and that is where the negative aspects of this electric unicycle comes. First and foremost it affects the range. The motor has to work harder to support the weight and requires more power to do so. Unfortunately it only has a range of about 15 miles. To compensate for this it has a fast-charge battery that fully recharges in a single hour.

On the positive side though, it is whole lot safer as it is equipped with an emergency brake. Normally you lean backwards to slow down but if you lose control you can squeeze the brake and it will automatically straighten out and slow down. It also has a very strong headlight that will make it perfectly safe to ride in the dark.

It supports a rider up to 280 lbs and will catch quite a few looks when cruising down the street. Great quality and for a really affordable price at Amazon. If you want en electric unicycle with a seat, then this is it.

Pros Cons
Fast Charge
Emergency Brake

The Best Electric Unicycle – Check today’s price

Segway/Ninebot One S1 – Most Elegant

The Segway/Ninebot comes in at fourth place with it's beautiful design.

The Segway One is the best electric unicycle for beginners.

If you feel that you want an easier model to begin with or to put your kids on, then this electric unicycle is for you.

And with it’s elegant design, this is definitely the most fashionable choice.

Segway was the first company to bring self-balancing vehicles in to the public eye. Therefore they have almost become synonym with self-balancing vehicles. It is only recently though, that they made their first electric unicycle.

And what a hit it became. Even though they were not first, with their reputation they sold a lot of units and greatly increased the electric unicycles popularity.

So, this elegant machine is powered by an electrical motor with a max speed of 12.5 mph. It is definitely a decent cruising speed but nothing to brag about. The recommended minimum age is 16 years old, so you might not want your kid to go faster anyway. There is an app that lets you decrease the speed even further if you want to, and customize just about every thing else.

It has a decent range of about 15 miles in one charge. It will surly enough to take you where you want to go most of the time. But I would like to see a longer range in their upcoming electric unicycles. Then maybe their next model could be the best electric unicycle on this list.

The elegant design though is what Segway really has to brag about. The beautifully finished black and white protective shell looks and feels like a quality product. And it really is. Amazon is their main retailer in the American market even though many other stores has this product in stock.

Pros Cons
Beginner Friendly
Beautiful Design
The Segway Brand and App
The Range

The Best Electric Unicycle – Check today’s price

The Only Buyer’s Guide You’ll Ever Need

Hmm, decisions, decisions, decisions. How do I know which is going to be the best electric unicycle for me?

It becomes a lot easier to make a good decision when you know what you intend to use it for. Do you see it as a vehicle to commute with or a mere toy? For me it is somewhere in between, I use mine to get to work as well as a few joy-rides on a beautiful day.

Aspects to Consider

When we look for the best electric unicycle we have to look at many features and aspects. Some of them are technical while others have to do with quality and durability.

You are the only one that can decide which is the most important feature for you. I, myself, are primarily interested in speed and range. But if it is intended for a kid or a younger teenager you might not want the fastest one. It is entirely up to you.

If the criteria we look at in this review don’t interest you, just scroll down and check out our beginners guide instead. Or if you have any other questions or concerns I am sure you will find answers to your questions in the FAQ at the end of this article. Otherwise leave a comment and I will try to answer as best I can.

Technical Specifications

The best motorized unicycle 50 years ago.

As I stated before, this is the most important feature for me. And I believe many others feel the same way.

Here we look at the top speed and for how long it can maintain it.

If it is to be used as a commuter than you want to minimize your travel time as much as possible. The top speeds vary in the different models but are usually with in the range of 12-20 mph.

I am not even sure you would want to go much faster than that. Some people like more adrenaline than others I guess. I, as a novice I might add, felt that around 15 mph was quite enough. If I had more time to get really comfortable with it, maybe I would like to speed it up a bit.

Another thing we look for in an electric unicycle is the range. It practically means how long a distance you can cover before you run out of battery.

This is a one of the strongest features in an electric unicycle. Because of its ingenious design it uses very little power to move forward. As you are in a constant forward falling motion it uses gravity to unburden the motor and battery.

Compared to other ordinary electric personal vehicles an electric unicycle has an incredible range. As with every thing else the range varies in different different models. The best electric unicycle can travel up to 40 miles without recharging.

The last and final thing we look for in the technical specifications is how steep a hill it can climb. The stronger the motor, the steeper the angle it can go over.

Innovative Design

An inovative design is more than just a well polished look.

The design is important, but not only for aestetic reasons.

A clever design incorporates a smart light-system as well as battery indicators among other things.

As for the aesthetics we want it to look cool and to be able to feel the quality of it. An electric unicycle that looks a bit cheap with an unfinished design does not have to be a bad purchase. It isn’t expensive for the manufacturer to make the casing look nice however. So that would have a negative effect on our rating.

The best electric unicycles have to use the integrated lights in a smart way. As you can’t fit such a small device with big lights, the small ones you do equip have to be powerful. Otherwise it would be both difficult as well as dangerous to ride after nightfall.

Another aspect of the design is how well you can see the battery indicator. As you are leaning forward the whole time, an empty battery can be devastating if it happens mid-ride. A good warning system have to be in place to avoid accidents.

Some electric unicycles have seats. A seat improves comfortability when riding long distances but makes it heavier and less portable. You would want as much comfortability as possible while maintaining its small design.

Quality and Durability

The best electric unicycle can be determined by a great deal by its quality and durability. Nobody wants to buy a super fast and cool electric unicycle that breaks down on them. That is why this, together with its performance, is the most important factor in this review.

Determining the durability of a technical gadget, in this case an electric unicycle, you have to test it over some time. Even then, it is difficult to truly know because you could get either a perfect or a defect example from the factory. As you can see this is nearly impossible without looking at customer satisfaction and statistics instead.

So that’s what we did. We looked at countless buyer-reviews and forums to find out how well their electric unicycles have worked. We looked closely on what they found was positive and negative after some time of usage. To know what to look for is crucial when trying the electric unicycle ourselves

The quality on the other hand does not only have to do with how many miles it can go before breaking down. It also has to with for how long it can operate at a full capacity and maintain its maximum performance.

A big part of this can be seen on the type of battery they have chosen for their electric unicycle. There are many different batteries. Not only larger and smaller ones but different chemical compositions inside the battery. This results in different traits and attributes. Some can hold more electricity in a smaller size and some can be recharged several more times than others before braking down.

As you can see, these are incredibly important factors to consider if you want the best electric unicycle possible.

Riding Experience and Responsiveness‌

A great motor, a big battery and gyroscopes alone does not make a great electric unicycle. It is the composition of the parts and how well they fit together. The feeling of it.

As there are countless variables that determine this, it is impossible to look at the specifications alone. Only a human trying it out can tell you how great it feels to ride.

What we look at more specifically are how it feels when;

  • Turning at different speeds
  • Riding at full speed
  • Slowly creeping forward
  • Starting and stopping

The responsiveness is a big factor here. It is basically how fast the gyroscopes and the motor counteracts motions. The faster it reacts when you start leaning in any direction, the smoother it feels.


Nobody wants to spend more of their hard earned cash than necessary. The price has to match the product you are receiving if the purchase is to be worth it.

The best electric unicycles cost a lot of money. A good electric unicycle is worth the amount you spend on it.

Compared to hoverboards and other cheaper e-rideables you get a lot of advantages they don’t have. Such as speed, range and mobility. That is basically what you pay for, and the cool uniqueness of it all.

The Best Electric Unicycle Beginners Guide

A field is a great place to practice at.

Once you have your new electric unicycle you need to learn to ride it. It takes some practice but it is not as hard as it seems and I am sure that you eventually will master it.

Step One: Get yourself some protective gear. A proper helmet is a must but kneepads and elbow pads are great protective gear as well. It will ease the fall and save you from possible injuries.

Find a good place to practice, you should expect to fall off a few times in the beginning. A football field or a park is a good place to start, but anywhere with a grassy surface works well.

It is also a good idea to bring a friend you can hold on to as you attempt to mount your electric unicycle the first couple of times.

Step Two: Turn on the power to your electric unicycle and get ready to begin. Place your dominant foot, usually your right foot, on one of the pedals. Place your foot as close to the body of the electric unicycle as you can, so that it touches your calf. Keep your other foot firmly on the ground parallel to the unicycle.

Now try to keep the unicycle straight and tilt your foot forwards and backwards slowly. Do this until you get a feeling of how much you need to tilt it to slowly go forward. Do this until you can move it in a controlled fashion exactly the way you want it to.

Step Three: Now that you have that under control you can begin to move forward with it. Make small jumps forward with the foot on the ground as the electric unicycle slowly moves forward.

If it feels hard to jump with it you can try to slide your foot forward instead. Do this until you can do it with ease and have a feeling of control.

Step Four: Hopefully you are now ready to get on it with both feet. This is where your friend can be very helpful. So, if you have someone with you, take their hand as support as you try to jump on it.

Do as you did in the previous step, jump or slide forward a couple of times and then jump up on the pedal instead. Lean slightly forward to accelerate to a comfortable speed. Lean backwards if you want to slow down.

Riding an electric unicycle can be difficult in the beginning but if you want to be the best it takes a lot of practice.

Step Five: By now you should be able to go forward on your own, even though you might be a bit unstable. It is time to try and make a turn.

To turn you should shift your bodyweight to the foot in the direction you want to turn. This makes the electric unicycle tilt in that direction and turn towards it. Start out with wider turns and narrow them down as you improve.

A common mistake many people make is that they try to twist their body to initiate a turn. Doing so only disturbs your balance and makes you fall down.

Best Electric Unicycle – Conclusion

The electric unicycle is a cool and futuristic invention. It is becoming increasingly popular within personal electric transportation due to it’s many features and advantages.

With speeds of up to 30 mph and a mileage of up to 60 miles it becomes obvious why.

It is not the easiest vehicle to master but with some practice everyone can learn to how to ride. And everyone should, it is exhilarating and fun while being very useful for commuting and errands as well. It is as versatile as it gets.

You should join the one-wheel revolution and experience it for yourself. I hope this guide made your decision easier and helped you along the way. If you have any questions or just liked my article, please leave a comment below.

Best regards, Mark.


Here we will try to answer the common questions we usually get.

I often get stopped by curious people who are interested in getting one themselves. If you don’t find an answer to your questions just leave a comment and I will answer as quickly as I can.

An electric unicycle is an awesome means of personal transportation. It will take you some practice to fully master but when you do you it is an incredibly fun and versatile vehicle.

It consists of a single wheel with an electrically powered motor and a gyroscope. With two stands to place your feet on and sometimes a seat, you just squeeze the wheel with your calves and lean forward.

The gyroscope helps you balance through the ride and keep you upright.

It does this by controlling the throttle as it can sense when you are leaning forward (or backwards) and accelerates just enough to keep you from falling face down. Kind of like a Segway with only one wheel.

There has been a number of different models throughout the years, every generation better than the last one. In the last year or so the technology has become so good and reliable that it has been able to make a real breakthrough with the general masses.

This has a lot to do with that there now has come another type of electric unicycle. An electric unicycle with a seat. It looks more like a traditional electric bicycle than the more common type, that you can see above.

Mostly because people have begun realizing, not only how fun, but how versatile a small electric unicycle can be.

But as with all new technology it can be quite expensive, even though it doesn’t have to be. With a stabilizing market of serious companies that have outlived their entrepreneurial phase, prices have also begun dropping to quite reasonable amounts.

While there still are some pop-up companies entering the market it can be tough to navigate through the different brands and models. To find the best electric unicycle for sale you have to be certain that you get one from a well established company with a satisfied consumer base.

That’s where we come in, in this article we will help you find the best electric unicycle for sale. We will help you find one that fits your needs, well worth it’s cost and within your intended budget.

There are many reasons and arguments to why you deserve the best electric unicycle. If you want one and have the money I think you should get one just because you want to. If you on the other hand need some solid arguments for either yourself or a partner then here you go.

You save money on gas and bus tickets – This is especially true if you are going to use it to commute, then you save a ton of money on gas. Electricity is almost free if you compare it with today’s gas prices.

  It is very portable – If you are going somewhere you can easily bring it with you and use for fun or shorter trips. It is perfect to have with you on a vacation to traverse the local area and explore the landscape.

It gives you more exercise than you might think – Even though it runs on electricity you do use a vide array of muscles to balance. Even the best electric unicycles can’t do all the work for you. Your abdominal muscles will get the most workout but the torso and to some extension the whole body do get some exercise.

It is incredibly fun – To feel the power in the best electric unicycles is an exhilarating feeling. It is simply a very fun hobby to have. You deserve one and should not deny yourself things you want, especially things that are good for you.
It can definately be a great investment. But it will also definately be a really fun hobby.

What makes the best electric unicycles a great investment is entirely up to you, and how you use them. If you use your new electric unicycle as a commuter and leave your car behind than you save tons of money. With a range of 30+ miles most people won’t have any issues getting to work.

You should sit down and figure out what trips you will replace with your electric unicycle. How much do you actually save on gas, wear and parking? How much do you actually save on public transportation tickets? A lot would be my guess.

Even if you don’t see yourself commuting to work and just want it as a mere toy it would still be an investment in yourself. When you have fun and get out of your house your general health and happiness improves, and that is worth investing in. You deserve the best electric unicycle either way.

When we were testing and reviewing to the best electric unicycle for sale we tried several different models. All of them consist of the same basic electronic parts. A rechargeable battery, an electrical motor, a motherboard and gyroscopes.

The gyroscopes works as sensors that feel when the unicycle is leaning in any direction. You can think of them as a small wheel in a static frame that freely moves but tries to resist any force along its axis of rotation.

What happens is that when the gyroscopes feel a rotation, tilting forward, it sends the information to a highly advanced motherboard. The motherboards in these electric unicycles can make incredibly fast calculations. In a split second it calculates how much power the motor have to use to counteract the leaning in order to not fall.

When leaning backwards the same principal applies. It simply applies the top modern and extremely precise braking-system to counteract the leaning and slows down.

As an electric unicycle is a rather small and compact device it does not have a lot of moving parts. The lack of moving parts and long wires makes it very reliable. Not to mention very few known mechanical complications and electrical issues.
An electric unicycle has many advantages against electric skateboards and hoverboards. The design allows many more features to be integrated not to mention the uniqueness and futuristic look.

The motor
The motor don’t have to be as powerful as on an electric bike, but thankfully they often are. On an electric bicycle the motor has to pull the full weight of both the bicycle and the rider. On an electric unicycle the motor only has to pull a fraction of that weight thanks to the gravitational force. As the gravity pulls you down as you lean forward the motor only has to use minimal force to keep you from falling down. This is great because then you get a lot more power and speed from the motor while using very little energy.

Energy consumption
As the motor requires so little energy to propel you forward you get a lot of juice from a very small battery. This is very fortunate because it gives you an incredible range. With a possible range of up to 45 miles on a single charge you don’t have to recharge it very often. As you probably know a battery weakens with time, or more precisely with every recharge. And batteries are expensive so a great range equals a very long battery life.

Steep inclines and curbs
An electric unicycle is great at going up hill and can handle pretty steep inclines. If you choose the best electric unicycle it can take up 20-25 degree inclines. It can even climb small curbs or edges but do not face them head on at full speed. Slow down to a stop and try it when you feel comfortable.

Riding off-road
It is a great feeling riding off-road. You might not go as fast as on the streets but it has a whole other attraction to it. An electric unicycle is very capable at handling obstacles and uneven terrain. Many people buy electric unicycles just for riding off-road. It can be a bit challenging but that is what people enjoy the most, the adventure and excitement.

Unlike electric skateboards or bicycles you have a lot more maneuverability. This is primarily thanks to the tight turning radius that allows you to make sharp turns. That makes it a lot easier in a crowded street or bike lane, especially if you are in a hurry. You can squeeze through small pockets where bicycles wouldn’t fit and get you where you need to be as fast as possible.

Easy to carry with you
As it is quite small compared to a bicycle you don’t have to store it outside, you can take it with you to your workplace and store it under your desk. If you are going somewhere it fits easily in your trunk or under the bus seat. You won’t ever again have to think about where you can store your bicycle in a safe spot before going somewhere. You can store it anywhere.
Yes, more than you might think. The best electric unicycles today can drive you forward, brake and counteract your leaning to keep you upright. They can’t do everything though. You still need to keep your balance by yourself.

When you have to focus to keep your balance all the muscles in the body gets activated. Especially in the beginning when you are in the process of learning to ride you really have to strain yourself to keep your balance. As a beginner you can expect some sore muscles but it gets a lot easier as you get better and more comfortable in your riding.

Even though your whole body helps out in the balancing process it is the core that does the heavy lifting. Your abs is what enables you to shift your bodyweight around and keep your balance. So expect some tired abs in the beginning.

As with everything, there are both advantages as well as disadvantages.

Let’s begin with the steep learning curve. It does take a bit longer to learn how to ride than many other vehicles. Electric skateboards and bicycles are a lot easier to use since you have more than one wheel. It is hard to balance a unicycle, there is no denying that. When you practice you will also get some scratches and small buckles every time you fail, and it will be a few times to say the least. A good idea is to cover the casing with some protective material such as foam or anything similar you might have at home. Once you have mastered it though the effort is well worth it.

Another disadvantage would have to be the weight of it. It might not seem especially heavy in such a small body but weighs more than you might think. If you need to carry it up a lot of stairs that could seem strenuous but what are you supposed to do? You have to bring any vehicle inside and most of them weighs the same or more. What is great though is that on flat surfaces you can drag it behind you with the retractable handle.

The best electric unicycles do cost a lot. I like to put it this way, it is an expensive toy but a pretty cheap commuter. Sure if you just want to joyride and have fun the price might seem a bit steep so you have to figure out if it is worth it. Many people obviously do. As a commuter though it is a cheap way of transportation. Do the calculations yourself, how much do you spend on gas or bus-tickets to places you could easily reach with an electric unicycle. It pays for itself pretty quickly if you use it a lot.
Accidents, that’s what happens. Since it is the electrical motor that counteracts your leaning a sudden loss of power would be disastrous. You will simply fall down in the direction you were leaning, usually forward. A face plant is never any fun.

What is fortunate is that the best electric unicycles have really good battery indicators and warning systems in place to prevent these accidents. Some use an app on your phone to show the battery indicator and some have visible ones on top. The best ones that have speakers can also send a warning sound as your power is nearing depletion.

If it makes you feel any better, I have never met anyone that this has happened to. Just make sure you check your battery indicator and don’t go too close to the edge.
To be sold in both America and Europe they have to have a certain safety certificate to make sure they meet the high standards that is required. These safety standards are put in place to prevent electrical short circuits to avoid going up in flames.

As for the actual riding part it is pretty much up to you to make it as safe as possible. This involves taking it slow and carefully in the beginning. You should use both a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads to avoid getting hurt if you fall of.

Do not try pushing it to hard in corners or go to fast until you are in full control. Be extra carful if the roads are wet, it can become slippery.

If you take all these precautions which are pretty logical you will be as safe as you can be.
So, electric bikes and electric unicycles are two very different entities and should be regarded in that fashion.

They both have different traits and advantages against the other. You should check out my other articles about budget ebikes and fat bikes to find out more. Electric bikes can be very different depending on what type of bike it is or what brand that makes them. Nakto and Swagcycle for example are two very different companies I have taken a closer look at.

You already know everything there is about the best electric unicycles.
The best electric unicycles are all waterproof (water-resistant or rain-proof), to be honest with you most of the cheaper ones are too nowadays. But there are a huge difference between waterproof and water-resistant. Water-resistant is actually a much better description than waterproof. For something to be called waterproof you have to be able to lower it in to a pool without any damage to it. And that is most definately not recommended by any manufacturer.

A little rain is okay but try to avoid large puddles of water. The battery is usually located about the same hight as the pedals so I wouldn’t recommend any deeper puddles than that. Even if you have the best electric unicycle in the world I would be careful of deep puddles of water and drive slowly so I won’t lose traction and slip. But don’t be too afraid of a wet road, have fun and be careful.
Not really, the best electric unicycles are practically service free. All that is needed is to make sure the air-pressure in the tires don’t get too low.
The best electric unicycles do sell spare parts. But not all the manufacturers and not to all their models. This is something that changes over time when a newer model is released so you need to look that up for yourself to be certain.

The best electric unicycles are very robust and of a great quality so hopefully you won’t have to replace any parts at all.
The answer to this is simply yes. It does require a lot of practice and and you will fail many times before you succeed. With the right approach though it becomes somewhat easier. Check out the beginners guide and see if the app belonging to your electric unicycle has a training program. Many of them do, with expert help from the apps and step by step directions all you need is a good place to practice and preferably a good friend to hold on to. Remember that practicing can also be a fun experience if you do it together with someone.
That is entirely up to you what you think is important. You should consider what your primary reason for purchasing it is. Whether it is joy-riding, off-road on a difficult terrain, pushing the speed limit as an adrenalin rush or as a commuter.

If you are younger or older, or just wise enough to be cautious and minimize the risk of injury you probably want a joy-rider. A joy-rider don’t have to be faster than what you consider to be safe. As you won’t be commuting any longer distances you won’t need a enormous range either. To just have a fun time, you can actually get a quite cheap electric bike. If you at a later more experienced time feel that you want a stronger and faster one you might consider getting the best electric unicycle then.
I would strongly recommend the Segway One S1 for this purpose.

If you want a commuter, the general idea is that you would use it frequently for longer distances. With that in mind you want the best quality for your electric unicycle as well as a great mileage. These features do push up the price tag a bit although not too much. With frequent use safety becomes even more important. Led-lights and a stable build comes hand in hand with good quality and are important safety features. The LED-lights make you visible to other vehicles and pedestrians.
For a commuter I would recommend the InMotion V8/ Solowheel with was rated our best electric unicycle in 2019.

Riding off-road
For an off-road adventure you want power and range. When you are in the woods on a small path or a dirt track an electric unicycle tends to use a lot more power than on a flat road. This is mainly because the terrain usually leads you up and down hills. There are also often roots and small rocks to climb over. Doing this requires more focus from you as a driver. You constantly need to shift your balance to counteract every small obstacle you are facing. The motor has to work harder as you keep shifting your balance unlike on a flat road where you just lean forward and keep leaning. So, power and range is everything.
For off-road use I can recommend both the Solowheel, KingSong and the Superride. 

The beast
If you are a techie who always wants the best, than all feature are important in your electric unicycle. The best electric unicycle has to have a powerful motor, incredible range and tons of feature beyond that. To get the best you have to pay a rather hefty price though but it may very well be worth it.
The best electric unicycle is without doubt the KingSong, it is unmatched in power and range and has every imaginable feature you can think off.
Well, the best protective gear is common sense. As common sense is a function of the brain I would say that a helmet is the most important gear to have. Even if you have the best electric unicycle it is easy to lose your balance in the beginning. You may fall at any direction but a backwards fall is the most dangerous. The back of your head is very sensitive to impacts and is therefore important to protect.
With a proper helmet that covers the back of your head and a bit of common sense you will be as safe as you can be.

Knee pads and elbow pads are also a great investment in your safety. If you fall in high speeds it is only a natural reaction to try to dampen the fall with your hands and knees. If you fall sideways it is usually your elbows that takes the impact. If you fall and glide down the street on hard asphalt you will get some abrasions and torn up clothes. Hopefully nothing too bad but it can be avoided.

Among skateboarders there is a special falling technique that applies well on an electric unicycle too. It is basically that if you fall forward try to land on your kneepads and elbow pads (if you don’t have protective gloves) and glide on them to a stop. If you are lucky and a bit skilled at this falling technique you might get up without a scratch.

Wrist protection or protective gloves can also come in handy. But these are mostly for the speed freaks who likes to push the limit and see how fast they can go. It is up to you how you choose to protect yourself but a proper helmet and some common sense is a must.
If there is something you wonder that I haven’t addressed in this article feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. And remember, you deserve the best electric unicycle. Ride carefully and please leave a comment if you liked this article.

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