5 Best Ebikes Under $1000 – Cheap Electric Bikes 2018

I think you can agree with me that deciding on which electric bike to buy sure can be difficult when you are on a budget. Especially if you are looking for the best ebike under $1000.

When you know what to look for, suddenly the choice gets way easier.

This comprehensive guide will be your compass in a jungle of different ebikes and help you find that amazing electric bike you have been looking for.

Our hope is that you soon will feel the breeze riding effortlessly into the future.

How Do You Choose The Best Ebike Under $1000 For You?

This is a hard question to answer because it depends on a lot of different factors;

Both your likes and dislikes as well as your intended use of it determine what specifications are important for your electric bike.

If you’re going to;

Commute –  You would look for Long Range and Comfortability
JoyridePower and Speed are important factors.

Riding in snow or sand – Requires Fat-tires to get traction on these kind of surfaces.
CruisingComfortability and Range
Storing it in your apartmentLightweight and the Ability to Fold it so it won’t take up your entire hallway

Quite simply there are bikes for every need.

Buying an electric bike isn’t just any purchase, it is an investment. In both your economy as well as your health.

Benefits of an Electric Bike

A guy riding his electric bike down town.

Electric bikes have grown considerably in popularity in the past few years. But, why?

Mainly due to a decrease in prices, better batteries and for the convenience it provides.

With an electric bike you never have to drive around a full parking lot looking for an empty spot or sigh out loud and complain about the gas price when passing a gas station.

Whats even better is;

Electricity is cheap and available everywhere.  You simply get the advantages of a pedal-driven bike but it is a lot faster and steep hills are no issue at all.

If you live in one of the bigger cities it is often faster to commute by electric bicycle than by car or even by public transport.

This is because;

  • There are no traffic jams you can get stuck in.
  • Long periods waiting for the bus will no longer be an issue.
  • A crowded metro might not be time-consuming however it can be uncomfortable.

The environmental and health reasons for leaving your car at home are huge.

You can pedal for a while to get your daily workout, then turn on the power when you get tired while also leaving almost no carbon footprint at all.

How tired you might be it is effortless riding an ebike.

A new study by the Portland State University have shown that people who have electric bikes ride them a lot more than people who have ordinary bikes.

#1 Best Hill Climber Ebike – Ecotric Lightning (26 inch)

Nakto Lightning is one of the best ebikes under $1000

Motor: 500 Watt | Top speed: 23.5 Mph | Battery: 36 V/10 Ah, Li-ion | Battery range: 20-25 miles | Charging time: 6 hours | Frame: Aluminium | Wheels: 26″ | Weight:55lbs/25 kg | Gears: 7 speed | Drive: Pedalassist & Throttle

Do you live in an area with lots of steep hills or simply want to get somewhere really fast?

Just looking at the innovatively designed frame tells you this is a fast and powerful ebike.  The 500 Watt motor and a 36 Volt battery handles steep hill climbing with ease.

It has both a throttle and pedal-assist mode you can switch between while riding.

You can pedal until you reach that horrific hill you used to hate when riding your old bike and just switch to throttle mode and feel the breeze accelerating uphill.

It has a front shock absorber to handle bumps in the road and both front and rear disc-brakes to safely slow down.

First and foremost this is an electric bike that is fun to ride. Secondly this is a good commuter.

So if you like speed and arriving at your destination in no time, you should get this bike on Amazon.


  • Really powerful
  • Innovative design
  • Fun to ride
  • American Company


  • The saddle could be a bit softer
  • The throttle could be more responsive

#2 Best Fat-Tire Ebike – Ecotric Fat Bike (26 inch)

The Ecotric Fat-Tire is the best cheap fat-tire ebike on the market.

Motor: 500 Watt | Top speed: 20 Mph | Battery: 36 V/12 Ah, Li-ion | Battery range: 18-25 miles | Charging time: 6 hours | Frame: Aluminium | Wheels: 26″ | Weight:58lbs/26 kg | Gears: 7 speed | Drive: Pedalassist & Throttle

Are you after an ebike that is incredibly fun to ride, and looks really cool. This is the one.

With the powerful 500 Watt motor you will fly up the hills, and the wide fat-tires makes it possible to ride on almost any surface. The wide tires gives a lot better traction so riding in sand or even snow works really well. And is really fun too!

Fat-bikes have a lot less air pressure in the tires, this gives the bike a natural shock-absorber which makes them very comfortable when riding trails or even off-road.

It is definitely one of the coolest ebikes you can get! Check it out on Amazon and read the fantastic reviews from many satisfied customers.


  • Really powerful
  • Naturally shock-absorbant tires
  • American Company


  • Could have a larger LCD-display

#3 Best All-Round Electric Bike – Nakto Ranger (26 inch)
The black electric Mountainbike Nakto Ranger is simply one of the most all-round and best ebikes under $1000.

Motor: 350 Watt | Top speed: 19 Mph | Battery: 36 V/10 Ah, Li-ion | Battery range: 25 miles | Charging time: 6 hours | Frame: Aluminium | Wheels: 26″ | Weight:48lbs/21 kg | Gears: 7 speed | Drive: Pedalassist & Throttle

This electric mountain bike is from the California-based company Nakto.

If you enjoy riding beautiful bike trails, commuting to and from work, or just cruising around town, this is the perfect all-round bike for you.

It has a sturdy aluminium alloy frame and premium front shock-absorbers that handle both mountain bike trails aswell as potholes.

The 350 Watt brushless motor accelerates fast and will take you up almost any hill on mere electricity. The front and rear disk-brakes make high speeds a lot safer when coming down that hill again.

The large Lithium battery pack can take you up to 25 miles without even pedaling on a single charge. The Multi function LCD-display tracks your speed, distance and battery level.

All these features makes this bike the perfect all-round ebike. Read more about it on Amazon.                                                 


  • Front shock-absorber
  • All-round ebike
  • American Company


  • Could have a stronger motor
  • Could have a clearer instructions manual

#4 Best Budget Electric Bike – Nakto Camel (26 inch)

The Nakto Camel with its white low frame is definitely one of the best budget ebikes.
This low frame Nakto Camel also comes in a black version with a higher frame.

Motor: 250 Watt | Top speed: 20 Mph | Battery: 36 V/10 Ah, Li-ion | Battery range: 18-23 miles | Charging time: 6 hours | Frame: Carbon steel | Wheels: 26″ | Weight:65lbs/29 kg | Gears: 6 speed | Drive: Pedalassist & Throttle

Are you looking for a really comfortable bike to go to work and run arends on? Or maybe just cruise around feeling the breeze?

This cheap electric bike is perfect for you!

The 250 Watt motor and 10 Ah battery gives you well enough power for commuting, going over to your friend or stopping by the grocery store.

It has a rear bike rack and a front basket to carry your food home. The great kickstand keeps it stable when loading the cargo.

It has both a throttle and a pedalassist mode and a battery key to turn off the power so it won’t start if anyone tries to steal it!

This is simply the best budget electric bike on the market. Amazon offers both a male and female modeled frame.


  • Versatile
  • Low frame
  • Both male and female version
  • American Company


  • Could have a clearer battery indicator
  • Only rear disc brake (front V-brake)

#5 Best Foldable Low-Cost Ebike – Ancheer (26 inch)

The Ancheer Foldable ebike is one of a kind in this price range. With all it's features and the foldable frame this is a bargain among ebikes under $1000.

Motor: 250 Watt | Top speed: 20 Mph | Battery: 36 V/8 Ah, Li-ion | Battery range: 15.5 miles | Charging time: 4-6 hours | Frame: Aluminum | Weight: 60lbs/27 kg | Wheels: 26″ | Gears: 21 speed | Drive: Pedalassist & Throttle

Do you want an electric bike but live in the city and have nowhere to store it? Do you want to be able to bring it in to your workplace during the day?

Then this ebike is made for you! It is foldable and takes very little space, it can fit under your desk while at work or in your hallway corner or closet at home.

Unlike most foldable electric bikes this Ancheer ebike looks like an ordinary bike in terms of shape and size. It has the usual 26″ tires unlike the small ones you usually see.

But why is this so good?

Well, it’s because it behaves more like an ordinary bike. It has better balance, comfortability and even front shock-absorbers so you can take that short-cut through the woods.

This is simply the best foldable ebike under $1000. Check out the exact measurements on Amazon.


  • Foldable
  • Regular bike shape
  • Fits well in a small apartment


  • Can’t attach a bike basket
  • A bit heavy

Comparison Chart For The Best Ebikes Under $1000

#1 Ecotric Lightning #2 Ecotric Fat Bike #3 Nakto Ranger #4 Nakto Camel #5 Ancheer Foldable
Motor 500 Watt 500 Watt 350 Watt 250 Watt 250 Watt
Top speed 23.5 Mph 20 Mph 19 Mph 20 Mph 20 Mph
Battery 36 V/10 Ah, Li-ion 36 V/12 Ah, Li-ion 36 V/10 Ah, Li-ion 36 V/10 Ah, Li-ion 36 V/8 Ah, Li-ion
Range 20-25 Miles 25 miles 25 miles 18-23 miles 15.5 miles
Charging time 6 Hours 6 hours 6 hours 6 hours 4-6 hours
Frame Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Carbon steel Aluminium
Weight 55lbs/25 kg 58lbs/26 kg 48lbs/21 kg 65lbs/29 kg 60lbs/27 kg
Wheel 26″ 26″ 26″ 26″ 26″
Gear 7 speed 7 speed 7 speed 6 speed 21 speed
Drive Pedalassist & Throttle Pedalassist & Throttle Pedalassist & Throttle Pedalassist & Throttle Pedalassist & Throttle
Support Telephone & Email Telephone & Email Telephone & Email Telephone & Email Telephone & Email
Warranty 18 Months 18 Months 12 Months 12 Months 6 Months

Maintaining Your Electric Bike

Having a brand new ebike can be very exiting but there are a few things to keep in mind.

An electric bike is mostly still mechanical. Some of the things you should do at least once a year to increase the bikes life is;

  • Cleaning and re-lubricating the chain – Clean the chain links with hot water and a small brush and wipe it dry, then re-lubricate it with bicycle lubricant (do not use WD-40).
  • Pumping the tires – Try to always keep your tires pumped to the proper PSI, it reduces friction while riding. With reduced friction it does not take as much energy to move (electrical as well as muscular).
  • Break Pads – Make sure the brake pads are not worn out. They are easy to replace, if you don’t know how there are lots of guides on YouTube.
  • Battery – To ensure that your battery last as long as possible you should never drain your battery completely. Charge it after you get home every day and try to always keep the battery above 30%.

As for safety;

A cheap ordinary bike helmet is not built for these kind of impacts. You will be traveling at least double the average speed of an ordinary bike (probably faster)

Recently the helmet manufacturers have started making ebike helmets. They are trying to reduce the chances of head injuries in this growing ebike industry. As our technology evolves so must our protective gear.

You can read more in this article and find out what your options are. Either way, be careful and drive safely on your new electric bike.

Electric Bike Specifications (how to read them)

Seeing all these numbers can be quite overwhelming.

The thing is;

Some of the specs are not as important as the others. So here we will go over what they mean and what is most important when buying an electric bike.

When you are looking for the best ebikes under $1000 the specifications will be extra important.

This is because;

To keep the prices this low they need to save money somewhere, so we will make sure the specifications that are important to you are not cut down on.

Depending on the intended use of your electric bike different specs are important.

  • Do you want it to handle steep hills and accelerate better? Look for motors with a high Wattage.
  • Do you want to ride long distances? Look at the battery’s Amp hours (Ah) and the manufacturers claimed range.
  • Do you need to carry it or bring it inside? Well this is obvious, look at the weight. Usually batteries are quite heavy so the range is often what they have to cut down on to keep the weight down.

You can also consider buying a conversion kit with all the electrical parts and install it to an ordinary bike of your choosing.

The Motor

The power of the motor is shown in the Wattage. Watts are an energy measurement unit you get when multiplying the battery voltage and the controllers current (Amperage).

So, a pretty common ebike setup is a 36 volt battery and 15 amp controller. (15 x 36=540 Watts) Usually they round down to 500.

If you happen to see a cheap ebike that claims to have 500 W but not a 36 V battery, then yes, something probably isn’t quite right. When the Wattage is 300 or 250 the controller has somewhere between 6-9 Amps output.

If you are looking for power, accelerating fast or making it up steep hills, the wattage is really important. If the purpose is commuting or cruising, maybe not as much.

The Battery

Ebike battery specifications are shown in the Voltage and Ampere hours. and the battery’s chemical composition.

The different battery types for ebikes are made from different chemical compositions. Batteries can be made from;

There are some advantages of different types of battery than Lithium but usually the disadvantages weighs to heavy.

An electric motor gives power in direct proportion to the amount of Voltage it gets. As you ride and the battery slowly drains, the amount of voltage it can put out decreases. And so does the power.

Amp hours (Ah) is a measurement unit for how much power the battery can store. The higher the number the higher the range.

The Drive Modes

The usual drive modes on an electric bike are;

  • Pedelassist – It gives you electrical aid when pedaling. You have to pedal to propel yourself forward, although it won’t be with much effort. Some ebikes only have this mode of driving.
  • Throttle – When you get tired of pedaling you can push or twist the throttle (different kinds of throttles) to propel you forward without pedaling.


There are many good reasons for you to get an electric bike, both economical as well as health and environmental ones.

Everyone has their own reasons but I do hope this guide has made the decision a lot easier for you.

For most people, the ebikes listed on this page are all very solid investments.

As always, don’t forget to ride safely and wear a helmet suited for ebikes specifically.

As you can see, finding the best ebike under $1000 really doesn’t have to be all that hard, and you really do get awesome value for your money in terms of performance even when on a budget.

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